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14 Of The Best Slim Wallets For Men That Will Help You Free Up Much Needed Space (Updates 2022)

Let’s just be real here; wallets suck. They’re the worst. Either they bulge in your back pocket and slam your sciatic nerve, or they take up valuable space in your front pocket. These days, the answer to that dilemma has arrived— enter the best slim wallets for men.

The best slim wallets for men take all the benefits of classic bifold and trifold designs and shave off the excess fat. What you’re left with is a revolution in finance storage. 

You won’t be able to carry as much, but it’s a good reason to consolidate all the crap you’ve been dragging around in that porky atrocity you call a wallet. No longer will your gluteus max feel like a gluteus smashed after a long car ride. Forever gone will be the days of rifling around looking for the right card.

If you want to switch up your wallet life but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. We put together a buying guide filled with the best slim wallets for men you can find in 2022. We went through all the top options, so you don’t have to bother with them. Just don’t forget us when you’re living your best wallet life.


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Our choice for one of the best slim wallets for men is the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet. Bellroy, makers of quality leather goods, takes all our favorite parts of a leather wallet and cuts them down to a sly miniature form. 

You’ll have to carry a little less cash from now on, but it’s worth it not to have a chunky money stack mashed into your ass cheek all day. That’s not a good feeling for anyone. Slip the Hide and Seek in your front pocket, and you’re good to go. 

We love this model because it comes with a little secret compartment. Now you can stash away anything you need hidden, you slippery devil you.

Dimensions: 3.3” x 4.5” | Colors: Black, Cocoa, Java | Material: Environmentally certified leather | Storage capacity: 12 Cards | RFID Blocking: Yes

Troubadour is coming in hot with one of the coolest wallets we’ve ever seen. It’s hands down our choice for the best slim leather wallet for men because of the unique design. It doesn’t have ten compartments, and it can’t hold a dozen cards, but it’s wonderfully easy to wield. 

If you want something as helpful as it is eye-catching, plus some of the best leather in the world, check this one out. The swivel top protects the contents of the single roomy little pocket. Whether your funds are paper or plastic, just snap the top open like an old-school flip phone and pluck out what you need.

Dimensions: 4.4” x 2.5” | Colors: Black, Brown | Material: Vege-tanned Leather | Storage capacity: 8 Cards | RFID Blocking: No

No doubt one of the best slim wallets for men is Dynomighty’s long-time classic, the Mighty Wallet. It has all the benefits of a classic bifold, but it’s made from a few sheets of uber-durable papery material. The substance is a high-density polyethylene called Tyvek. It’s a basic essential in the home construction industry. If people are building houses with it, you know it’ll last. 

It might not be the best choice for everyone, but it’s this writer’s personal favorite. It’s excellent for folks who accidentally wash their wallets when they’re rushing through laundry duty (and who doesn’t hate laundry?). I’ve washed my Might Wallet at least a dozen times, but it’s still going strong after seven years. 

My choice was a map of Alaska, and I still get compliments the majority of the times I whip it out. It also weighs less than four credit cards and has a swoon-worthy price tag. Compare that to the hulk you’re storing your money in now, and prepare to be shocked.

Dimensions: 4” (folded) x 3.25” x .12” | Colors: Dozens. This ones a map | Material: Tyvek (high-density polyethylene) | Storage capacity: 10 Cards | RFID Blocking: No

When the best slim wallets for men aren’t enough, why not give mini a try? It’s not going to be much thicker than the slim metal wallets but comes with everything you’d expect in a normal wallet. It’s got the well-made YYK zipper that never breaks, full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, and a gusset underlay so your tiny wallet doesn’t spray its content if you drop it while open.

It might not protect your identity or contain a bottle opener, but it’s got the class to back up its lavish price tag. If you want a slick leather wallet that won’t take up much space but will impress your boss, you might be saying hello to your new little friend.

Dimensions: 4.1” x 3” x .7” | Colors: Black, Brown | Material: Vege-tanned cow leather | Storage capacity: 12 Cards | RFID Blocking: No

If you thought any of the best slim wallets for men sounded perfect but still seem crave more zipper, meet the corner zip. It’s the exact same product as a zip wallet, except the metal teeth extend down the side (hence the “corner zip” moniker). This wallet also uses YKK’s smoothest zipper yet, the Excella. That means you’re getting the best cash-fly on the market, and since the zipper is protecting your moolah, it’s pretty important.

We chose Unrecorded’s offering because of their impeccable reputation and the 100% vegetable-tanned cowhide leather. What’s a vegetable tan, you say? All you need to know is that it makes this beef skin slip insanely soft and supple. 

Dimensions: 4” x 3” | Colors: Black | Material: 100% Vegetable tanned leather | Storage capacity: Whatever fits | RFID Blocking: No

Money clips are the perfect thing to accompany a minimalist wallet. This way, your cash is easily accessible and won’t take up the cardholder’s space. Aside from the clip, Hayvenhurst has designed a quality product. It’s basically a slimmed-down Ridge wallet (and about a fifth the price). 

You won’t get the same ultra-high quality build as a Ridge or the customization options, but this aluminum slate is one of the best slim wallets for men for the money. You won’t find a better metal wallet for the price.

Dimensions: 3.1” x 4.2” | Colors: Carbon fiber, Crimson, Grey, Black, + | Material: Leather | Storage capacity: 12 Cards | RFID Blocking: Yes

We love Closed’s designer products, and this Stephen Marx collaboration is a perfect example of why. They give us a beautiful luxury zip wallet that can hold everything you need for the day (cards, cash, whatever else fits) but still has the aesthetics of a respectable art piece.

This wallet is guaranteed to have people asking questions. It’s one of those accessories that’s as much a conversation piece as it is a functional item. You’ll pay extra for that fancy print, but we think it’s worth it. 

If you like expressing yourself everywhere you go, and it’s within your budget, this wallet might be perfect for you.

Dimensions: 4.1” x 3.3” | Colors: “Rare Pleasures” font print | Material: Leather | Storage capacity: 5 Cards | RFID Blocking: Yes

If you’re looking for one of the best slim wallets for men on a budget, this is undoubtedly your best option. It’s as slim as it gets for a leather wallet. It’s open but secure enough that your cards won’t be falling out. It also has a slit to fit some bills separate from the cards and a clear PVC window for an ID (or badge if you’re that guy). It even has an RFID blocker for good measure.

There are better slim wallets, but they aren’t this affordable. A cheap option is perfect for guys who aren’t sure if slim wallet life is for them. If you love it, it can last you years. If you like using front pocket wallets but want an upgrade, go for the Ridge Wallet (covered below).

Dimensions: 3.3” x 4.1” x .12” | Colors: 35 Options | Material: Leather | Storage capacity: 6 Cards | RFID Blocking: Yes (minus some frequencies)

For years, Ridge has made the best minimalist slim wallets. This little guy will slip right into your front pocket and still leave plenty of space. It has a money strap to keep some bills and space for 12 cards, but it’s so compact it won’t even feel like you brought a wallet.

The Ridge Wallet is one of the best slim wallets for men if you want to be noticed. The sophisticated and subtle design flows smoothly with this year’s minimalist fashion trends. It’s basically the James Bond of cash keepers. Celebrate the beauty of simplicity with these high-class slim wallets for men.

Dimensions: 3.4” x 2.2” x .25” | Colors: 8 Vibrant choices | Material: T6 Aluminum | Storage capacity: 12 Cards | RFID Blocking: Yes

Artist collaborations are one way to turn an everyday accessory like a wallet into a new fashion force. If that’s the thing you’re looking for, check out the Stefan Marx edition card case wallet at Closed.  

These are the best slim wallets for men who want to get attention. It has Stefan Marx’s iconic font art printed on both sides. People are bound to check out this wallet at the cash register and see how defined your taste in art is.  

Dimensions: 4.1” x 3.3” | Colors: “Rare Pleasures” print | Material: Leather | Storage capacity: 6 Cards | RFID Blocking: No

If you don’t find yourself using much cash, you might want to try a cardholder wallet. These take up even less room than metal minimalist wallets, but you still get the premium leather feel some guys don’t want to lose. We chose Oliver Cabell for the best ultra-slim wallet, thanks to their sexy, 100% genuine leather build.

Just don’t toss it around, or those cards could tumble out. These don’t have the same protective flap as card case slim wallets (this is technically a cardholder wallet), but they do stay as secure as they need to to keep your stuff from spilling.

Dimensions: 3.74” x 2.75” | Colors: Black | Material: Italian leather | Storage capacity: 5 Cards | RFID Blocking: Yes

Pop-up wallets are about as unconventional as they get. One of the features is having barely any features. It doesn’t fold or open in any way. All you have is a tiny chunk of metal with a bit of vinyl attached to hold some cash and cards—simple and easy to love. 

Just push a button on the bottom, and your cards will pop out like a children’s book. You could slip a little cash in instead of a card, but there is a pocket on the front perfect for a few bills or a key if you’re going running. 

You get this little slab of money-saving goodness with a minimalist price tag. They come in 14 bold colors. Now you can express yourself when you bust out your debit.

Dimensions: 3.89” x 2.48” x.31” | Colors: 14 Colors | Material: Aluminum | Storage capacity: 5 Cards | RFID Blocking: Yes

Don’t call it a coin purse. The zip wallet is more like the cool older brother of the coin purse. Perfect for guys turned off by the norm who can’t stand conventional wallets. The beauty of the slim zip wallet is its simplicity. Unzip it, toss in your cards and maybe a little cash, and zip up—no fiddling around with compartments and cardholders here.

Thanks to the excellence of its build, we chose Artisan Labs for our best slim zip wallet. The 100% Italian-made leather screams quality. It’s equipped with a top-tier Japanese YYK zipper that’s almost guaranteed not to lock up, and there are a couple of pockets inside for keys and/or a few bills. 

You can’t even get the price in US dollars, so you know it’s exotic (don’t worry, shipping to the US was only seven bucks for me).

Dimensions: 5.7” x 6.1” | Colors: Black, navy, brown, light brown | Material: Costola alla Fiorentina Italian leather | Storage capacity: 10 Cards or whatever fits | RFID Blocking: No

The Dango M1 Maverick is the Rambo of wallets. The CNC machined aluminum base model of the Maverick can already chisel through stone, but the Spec-Ops model transforms into a different animal. If you’re a badass, definitely get one. If you aren’t a badass, this will turn you into one.

The Maverick Spec-Ops comes with a multi-tool that slips neatly into this RFID blocking mastermind, just like a credit card would. This little fella does everything from opening your beer to prying a nail out of the wall. You can create a masterpiece sculpture with the chisel, then fight off a mountain lion with the bladed edge. 

Of course, it will also keep your cards and a little cash tucked away neatly. If you want to be more Bruce Wayne than Batman, you can swap the Spec-Ops multi-tool for a dapper little leather flap.

Dimensions: 3” x 4.3” x 4 | Colors: Olive Green (Spec-Ops only), +  | Material: CNC-Machined Aluminum, Leather | Storage capacity: 16 Cards (not a typo) | RFID Blocking: Yes

What To Look For When Searching For The Best Slim Wallets For Men


The best slim wallets for men are slightly different from the old bulky fare. Even in the old-fashioned leather variety, they’ll be tiny. If you want to get even more compact, you could opt for something like metal or Tyvek. Those two materials will slim things down to the max.

You can also get cruelty-free vegan leather if you’d prefer not to support that whole business. These materials are just as excellent and sustainably sourced. Plus, the process doesn’t involve taking lives—a win-win for many of us.

Check out the guide above to see some of these materials firsthand and decide what’s best for you.


Color is way more about personal preference than practicality. There are many more color options than there used to be, so don’t feel like you’re obligated to stick with black or brown leather. Remember that white and light-colored wallets are the easiest to find when they’ve fallen behind the couch (not that it happens to us).

When shopping for color, just get what you like. 

wallet on wood table with headphones, magazine and a drink

Practicality / Design / Storage Capacity

Practicality is probably the most important thing when shopping for a slim wallet. You came to the best slim wallets for men because you were tired of them riding your ass like you’re a rodeo bull. Or maybe you’re tired of them taking up that valuable room in your front pockets that could house something fun like hard candy. 

Whatever your reason for dropping those thick old wallets, you need to keep storage in mind. A metal wallet will keep your cards and a little cash as compact as possible. A Tyvek wallet is basically a wallet made of a paper type that never degrades. If you don’t load up a Tyvek wallet, it can be as slim as a metal one.

Leather or faux-leather wallets will be slightly thicker than the aforementioned others. They’re still super slim, so don’t be scared to stick to your favorite material if you love the throwback leather feel. No matter what you choose, shedding the money bundles of yesteryear will make you feel 10 lbs lighter.


    • Slim wallets are great, but obviously, the space is limited. Some are a more traditional bi-fold to store cash and a few more cards. Ultra-slim wallets offer systems that push out your cards like a whack-a-mole game when you need them.

      Both work great at keeping your stacked wallet to a much pocket-friendlier size. 

      • Sick of your old wallet taking up too much space? A slim wallet saves space, and it won’t hinder your daily life. 

        Keep in mind that your wallet will be way easier to lose the smaller it is. Absent-minded readers, be sure you have a regular spot to store your slim wallets when you’re home.

        • You can carry the same stuff you’d put in a standard wallet, just slimmed down. Instead of a fat stack of bills, bring one or two. We don’t need much cash anyway these days. Choose your more important cards. Most slim wallets have at least 5 or 6 spots for them. 

          That should be enough for most people. You might have to swap things around for some outings, but the convenience is totally worth the extra step.

          • This answer is almost too easy. Scroll back and pick your favorite from our list. But just in case you need more inspiration, here’s a guide on 20 wallet brands to bank on.