Take A Look At These Stunning Ethnic Looks From Priyanka Chopra’s Wardrobe

Priyanka Chopra is a true stunner and the entire world is testimony to that. We really can’t express how much we love and appreciate her presence in the world. The former beauty queen is also topping the fashion charts across the globe and it is exactly what we expect of her. Priyanka’s impeccable choice of clothes is the cream on the cake. 

So, let’s take a look at some of her most awe-inspiring outfits that you can wear this festive season to rock the style game.

The Off-White Anarkali Suit

a person in a wedding dress: white kurta

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white kurta

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Priyanka has the quirkiest fashion sense in the entire film industry and she keeps proving it over and over again. In this outfit, Priyanka is seen wearing an off white Anarkali suit. The suit is further designed with multicoloured embroidery on the neck stretching to the skirt.  She has styled

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Top holiday gift ideas on Amazon

(CNN) —  

Holiday shopping can be, admittedly, a bit overwhelming. With thousands of options, it can be hard to find gifts that are worthy of your favorite people. But on Amazon, it’s easier to cut through the clutter to discover the most beloved products across home, beauty, fashion and tech, thanks in large part to filters and extremely passionate online reviewers.

So to help you out with your holiday shopping, we found top-rated items on Amazon with a 5-star or nearly 5-star rating, and hundreds — if not thousands — of positive reviews.

To be sure these were indeed highly rated products backed by real consumers, we used third-party tools, including FakeSpot, to filter out any products or sellers with reviews that were deceptive. To read more about how to avoid falling victim to fake reviews when shopping, read our guide here.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

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Broad Noses & The Politics Of Black Beauty

The Daily Beast

They’ve Been Trapped on Navy Ships for Months. Now One Has Died by Suicide.

Jonathon Morris was a civilian mariner—or “civmar”—one of the 5,500 maritime professionals hired by the U.S. Navy to work on ships transporting people and supplies around the globe.The job didn’t suit his personality, said someone close to him. He was quiet and introverted, not the type who enjoyed months in cramped quarters. When he was on shore, he loved long-distance bicycling, spending weeks alone on the trails around his home in Southern California.But on the USNS Amelia Earhart, he found a position that separated him from the crew. A third mate, he led the night watch, in charge of three other civmars. He spent hours on the bridge against an endless backdrop of waves and starlight as much of the Earhart’s crew of 130 slept.By July of this year, the atmosphere on the

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Rhonda Fleming, femme fatale from Hollywood’s golden age, dies at 97

The daughter of a former fashion model and actress, Ms. Fleming grew up in Beverly Hills, was a beauty pageant finalist at 15 and entered movies directly out of high school. Although she proved a capable actress in thrillers and comedies, her career was propelled foremost by her exquisite looks. Her figure “practically whistles at itself,” a film colony scribe observed early in her career, and her red hair and green eyes shone spectacularly in Technicolor.

She made an impressive debut as a nymphomaniac in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Spellbound” (1945). “I didn’t even know what a nymphomaniac was,” she later told the Los Angeles Times. “My mother and I had to look it up in the dictionary.”

She appeared in the movie’s opening scene, aggressively flirting with a hospital orderly before breaking his skin with a scratch. “I hate men, I loathe them,” she tells a psychiatrist played by Ingrid

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