The Lounge And Leisure Wear Edit For 2020

Just before COVID-19 went viral (pun intended), the last major fashion purchase had to sit in the closet for three months before seeing the light of day. For months on end, lounge and athleisure garments were front and center of the quarantine style repertoire. Many weekdays saw day-to-night iterations of an adorable workout set. Many experimented with ways to style and pare down these active wear garments just in time for a sweat session, quick Zoom conference, dinner at the terrace and sunset cocktails. Although most digital meetings and events still require a dress code, trousers, pencil skirts and pumps have, for the most part, been on hiatus along with our pre pandemic lives.

Weekends are now for silk pajamas, resort-inspired maxi dresses and sometimes, a maillot paired with a robe or long skirt. Also referred to as lounge or resort wear, these new

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