Attempting Veganuary? A vegan shopping list if you’re going plant-based in January 2021

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If you’ve ever thought about going vegan, January is the perfect month to give it a try! Why? The first month of the year is Veganuary – a movement which seeks to inspire people to try a plant-based existence for 31 days for the benefit of our planet, animals and their own health.

Since 2014, over one million people in 192 countries have signed up via Veganuary to give it a try, and famous ambassadors include Joachin Phoenix and Paul McCartney. Do you want to join the list of plant-powered people?

If the answer is yes, then keep reading, we’ve compiled a shopping list of the top vegan brands and products to check out in the areas of health and beauty, fashion and cuisine to make Veganary easy. You’ll be pleased to see you don’t have to compromise on anything!

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