Melania Trump’s 5 Biggest Fashion Fails Aside From ‘I Really Don’t Care’ Jacket


  • Melania Trump’s oversized Balenciaga bubble coat made her look small 
  • The ex-FLOTUS inspired hilarious memes with her unisex black and white ensemble 
  • Melania had mismatched her accessories with her outfits on some occasions

Melania Trump has made a mark in the fashion industry especially when she served as the first lady of the United States, but there were a few times when her outfits also raised some eyebrows.

Leona Liu, editor of STYLE, looked back at Melania’s biggest fashion fails aside from her “I don’t really care, do you” jacket. The rare moments included Melania’s oversized Balenciaga coat and mismatched accessories. 

1. Poor choice of an oversized coat

Melania and former President Donald Trump were photographed stepping out of Air Force One on Dec. 31. She sported an oversized Balenciaga bubble coat and paired it with Christian Dior calfskin boots.

The coat created a visually dwarfing effect on

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Activists wary of broader law enforcement after Capitol riot

CHICAGO (AP) — As federal officials grapple with how to confront the national security threat from domestic extremists after the deadly siege of the U.S. Capitol, civil rights groups and communities of color are watching warily for any moves to expand law enforcement power or authority.

They say their communities have felt the brunt of security scrutiny over the last two decades and fear new tools meant to target right-wing extremism or white nationalists risk harming Muslims, Black Americans and other groups, even if unintentionally.

Their position underscores the complexity of the national debate surrounding how to balance First Amendment expression protections with law enforcement’s need to prevent extremist violence before it occurs. In particular, many Muslim advocates oppose the creation of any new domestic terror statute modeled after existing laws that criminalize support for foreign terror organizations.

“The answer ought to be to sort of pause. Because the instinct

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Online shopping surge delivers record revenue for UPS

NEW YORK (AP) — A surge in online shopping helped UPS post record revenue during the last three months of 2020, the company said Tuesday.

Its stock rose more than 3% in afternoon trading.

Demand for UPS and other delivery companies has spiked as more people shop online during the pandemic and avoid going into stores. Not only was the Atlanta company working to deliver gifts during the holiday season, but it also started shipping COVID-19 vaccines at the same time. To keep up, it hired thousands of more workers and saved space for the vaccines, which need to be kept in deep freezers. During the quarter, UPS said the daily average number of packages it delivered rose nearly 11%.

Its biggest customer — online shopping giant Amazon — helped fuel growth.

Amazon accounted for 13.3% of UPS’s total revenue last year, up from 11.6% the year before, said UPS

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The 11 Best At-home Waxing Kits for Head-to-toe Smoothness

As stay-at-home orders remain in effect, many have been investing in the best at-home wax kits in order to replicate the popular spa hair removal practice. Available in a variety of methods ranging from hot wax kits and pre-waxed strips, these DIY waxing sets come stocked with the basic tools required to successfully and easily remove hair from the face and body, covering common skin areas such as the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, arms, underarms, bikini line, legs and more. In addition to successfully removing all traces of hair, including short, coarse and stubble, by removing it from the root, wax also helps delay hair regrowth so you can enjoy your silky-smooth and hairless skin for anywhere from four to eight weeks.

To minimize irritation and prevent common side effects such as stinging, redness, burns and more, the best at-home waxing kits are formulated with sensitive skin-approved ingredients to

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