People-file is the street casting agency changing fashion from the inside out

Gabrielle Lawrence is the creator of People-file, an Instagram-grown street-casting agency that’s been quietly redefining notions of beauty in fashion since its launch in 2016. Started as a personal project cataloguing the interesting faces Gabrielle came across each day, People-file has since grown into an influential portal favoured by huge luxury brands and major fashion titles. A simple scroll through People-file’s Instagram feed reveals a talent roster diverse in size, shape, age, gender, culture, religion and beyond. And with clients ranging from Bottega, Burberry, Stüssy and Zara through to Vogue and i-D ourselves, People-file is well-positioned to have an impact on the kind of people represented in the media every day. 

As Gabrielle explains, “People-file has a strong focus on finding unknown, unique talent. We believe there are lots of interesting people out there, far and wide, who would otherwise go unnoticed. We believe in casting that

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