A Love Letter to New York


New York. The Empire City. A glorious, triumphant, technicolor clash of classic style and fearless iconoclasm – in its people, in its art, its architecture, its style, its fashion, its soul. The vibrancy and the fearlessness of New York is expressed in a million different ways every day on the streets of the Five Boroughs… but reaches its apotheosis on the runways of New York Fashion Week.

It’s an ideology that gives the city its lifeforce – and it’s this same irrepressible coming together of quintessential style and bold new ideas that defines the newest incarnation of the world’s most famous fashion bible.

Grazia USA and New York Fashion Week are made for each other. And that is why, of all the places in the world, and of all the times in the year, it should be here, now, that Grazia makes its mark in the United States.


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Ordering flowers online? Use a shopping portal to earn more rewards

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When an occasion calls for flowers, you can order from a local florist or order online. If you make your purchase with one of the best rewards credit cards, you’ll get points, miles or cash back from the transaction regardless of how you order the flowers.

There are various reasons to order from a local florist. For example, it’s a great way to support a small business. Plus, you’ll generally get more control over the final product. But you may be leaving rewards on the table if you don’t order your flowers online through a shopping portal.

Online shopping portals can

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Are trends no longer in fashion?

Red is the new black, stripes are in, romanticism is out, double denim is back… For decades, fashion trends – determined by what designers put out on the catwalk as well as what’s worn by celebrities, and more recently, street stylers and influencers – have been key when it comes to deciding which clothes we buy each season. The idea of seasonal trends, however – and those fleeting, of-the-moment must-haves – has been rightly questioned in recent years, with the fashion industry attempting to rework itself onto a more sustainable path as the climate crisis becomes an unavoidable issue.

The pandemic has helped to highlight this even further as luxury consumer buying habits shift sharply away from flash-in-the-pan, trend-led items and onto investment pieces and more practical purchases. But, could this movement away from trends be seen simply as a trend in itself? Will a post-pandemic celebratory world actually

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