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Beware The Celebs Giving Away ‘Cash’ On Instagram

You’ve seen it all before: a grey velvet bedspread, a sportswear-clad influencer, wads of cash and Louis Vuitton bags, the promise of £8,000 in return for liking a few posts and following a few accounts. It’s such a familiar picture that your thumbs shouldn’t even pause. Yet here you are, entering another Instagram cash giveaway even you don’t think you’ll win. Instagram giveaways are nothing new. Brands and businesses have been running them almost as long as they’ve been using the platform for marketing. But recently they’ve gone turbo. Now, ex-Love Islanders, Geordie Shore stars and influencers regularly host giveaways worth thousands, telling followers they can win cars, cash and designer clothes just by following a few select accounts. But if there’s no such thing as easy money, why – or rather, how on Earth – are celebrities giving

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