6 vintage fashion trends that TikTok teens are ‘discovering’

Beloved fashion trends always tend to repeat themselves, and if you take a scroll through TikTok, creators on the popular video-sharing app are bringing some vintage trends back around.

Sometimes, it’s a classic trend from almost 50 years ago going viral again. Other videos feature styles that millennials know and love, just with a new name or fashionable twist. Here are six comeback styles that caught our attention.

1. Flared leggings

Millennials might know flared leggings by their original name: yoga pants. When one user’s video praising her new fashion find went viral, those who grew up wearing the stretchy black pants were shocked that the item had been rediscovered and renamed.

“Can’t believe the tik tok teens have just discovered yoga pants and they’re calling them flared leggings,” wrote one Twitter user at the time. “I hate it here.”

2. Baguette bags

Every ’90s girl remembers these

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Yes, nursery etiquette is a thing. Yes, there is a correct way to shop for a plant

<span class="copyright">(Ross May / Los Angeles Times)</span>

(Ross May / Los Angeles Times)

Shopping for houseplants now can be like playing the lottery: There’s no guarantee you will be rewarded with the jackpot. As houseplant sales have skyrocketed and more plant stores have opened, the demand for plants has become increasingly competitive for small businesses.

“I love that there are so many people who love plants,” said Potted co-owner Annette Gutierrez. “But the demand is astronomical right now, and there isn’t enough supply.” She added that the Suez Canal blockage resulted in a shortage of garden supplies.

As more people get vaccinated and return to shopping in person, expectations might not always match reality, particularly when demand is high and supply is low. Another thing retailers say is in short supply? Good manners.

The majority of customers are lovely, shop owners say, but some customers might not realize how hard they make it for shop owners to

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Exclusive interview with Can Mandir By BTC Peers

Exclusive interview with Can Mandir

The ecommerce industry is one of the few sectors unscathed by the ravaging coronavirus pandemic. A significant shift in consumer culture and the growing appeal of online shopping have had a positive global impact so much so that cross-border ecommerce surged by 82% in 2020. What this means is that more consumers are taking to online shopping amid the growing uncertainties that come with health crisis-induced economic woes.

The growing appeal of online retail services is indicative of the pressure put on manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to suddenly meet the ever-expanding requirements for running online stores. Those who are yet to invest in their online channels at the peak of the coronavirus crisis had found it a lot harder to weather the economic effects on brick-and-mortar stores. In contrast, those with functioning online shopping outlets fared better. A survey revealed that 38% 0f established 100

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17 best stretch mark creams and oils that help to reduce lines and redness

&lt;p&gt;Aside from reducing stretch marks, the act of massaging in your chosen product can feel like some much-needed self-care&lt;/p&gt; (iStock/The Independent)

Aside from reducing stretch marks, the act of massaging in your chosen product can feel like some much-needed self-care

(iStock/The Independent)

Stretch marks affect many of us, often occurring in pregnancy, puberty, and after rapid weight gain. While many choose to embrace these newfound stripes, others might feel more confident caring for their scars (or trying to prevent them from occurring in the first place).

Applied regularly to the stomach, thighs, bottom and breasts, we’ve found a range of oils and creams specifically targeted at improving the structure of the skin, leaving it feeling soft and nourished in the process. Gentle circular movements are best, with most brands recommending applying at least twice a day (we tried these products just before bed, and after our morning shower).

As Harley Street skin specialist Dr. Emma Wedgeworth explains: “Stretch marks (known as striae distensae in dermatological terms) are line-like scars which develop

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