After drinking a gallon of water a day for three months, my skin finally cleared up

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Before I even get into this update, I need to say this bottle really is leakproof. It has flown across my car, fallen out of my hands, and slipped off every surface in my apartment (I am very clumsy) and yet it has never leaked.

When I started this journey, I went into it wanting three things:

  • To feel better, because my allergies had me feeling tired and dehydrated all the time
  • For my skin to clear up
  • To curb my cravings

I don’t think I’ll ever quite curb my food cravings, but I will say drinking 128 ounces of water a day makes you feel full for longer – which makes me snack less. I have to be mindful of what I am snacking on, since I am trying to make healthier

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These 20 Shapewear Bodysuits Have Over 3,400 Trusted Reviews

While I’m a huge proponent of online shopping, the reality is that certain items aren’t easy to buy online. Items like denim and bras where fit is the most important aspect (and varies drastically across different brands and styles) are especially hard to order online when you’re just guessing a size and hoping for the best.

It’s items like these that I look to the reviews for guidance. Not only do reviewers often give lengthy descriptions of the product, but they provide personal context about themselves and how that particular item worked for them given their body type, height, etc. I find this infinitely more helpful than the basic product description because I can search for people who describe themselves as having a similar build to my own and use that to guide my purchasing decisions. Plus reviewers are brutally honest about whether the product is worth your time and

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From surreal black dresses to mouse ears: this week’s fashion trends

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It’s Nearly Impossible To Be An Influencer In Cuba. This YouTuber Is Doing It Anyway.

Social media access in Cuba has changed the way Cubans are telling their stories to the rest of the world. Thankfully, the conversation is no longer strictly contained to how Cuba is a traveller’s paradise, or of the turbulent politics, but is finally centring real Cubans and their lives. Specifically, social media has spotlighted the ways Cubans are existing and interacting with dual realities: that of the lives they lead under the state, and their online lives as global citizens who might lack common privileges like at-home internet access, yet still wish to share their everyday experiences. For years, Cubans have used social media to interact with politics or form groups like Movimiento San Isidro, which protests against government censorship of artists on the island. Cuba’s constitution prohibits private ownership of media

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