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World Economy Risks ‘Dangerously Diverging’ Even as Growth Booms

(Bloomberg) — The world economy is on course for its fastest growth in more than a half century this year, yet differences and deficiencies could hold it back from attaining its pre-pandemic heights any time soon.The U.S. is leading the charge into this week’s semi-annual virtual meeting of the International Monetary Fund, pumping out trillions of dollars of budgetary stimulus and resuming its role as guardian of the global economy following President Joe Biden’s defeat of “America First” President Donald Trump. Friday brought news of the biggest month for hiring since August.China is doing its part too, building on its success in countering the coronavirus last year even as it starts to pull back on some of its economic aid.Yet unlike in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, the recovery looks lopsided, in part because the rollout of vaccines

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Afterpay Launches Sustainability Initiatives

Ahead of Earth Day, Afterpay, the buy now, pay later payment solution provider, has announced two new sustainability-focused initiatives, engaging its consumers to get involved.

In its first initiative, launching on April 5, Afterpay is offering a “top-up” program that allows shoppers to add a $1 donation at checkout to benefit Magpies & Peacock, a nonprofit design house that aims to disrupt the cycle of waste in the fashion industry, and Surfrider, a nonprofit environmental organization that focuses on protecting the world’s oceans. Throughout the campaign, the company promises to match every donation.

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“As a generation-defining brand, Afterpay is aware that the majority of Gen Z and Millennials are conscious shoppers and look for ways to give back to their community,” said Melissa Davis, Afterpay’s head of North America. “Because Gen Z and Millennials care about how brands are impacting the environment, we are excited

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The U.S. to lose 80,000 retail stores by 2026: UBS

Vaccines are in the arms of around a third of the country (at least the first dose), and people are thinking about returning to aspects of their old lives again, like shopping in stores.

But a reopening bounce for retail might not be a sure thing.

A new report from UBS’s retail analysts suggests that 80,000 stores will close in the U.S. over the next few years.

“We estimate that 80,000 stores will close by 2026 in our base case,” the report found. The worst-case scenario is 150,000 stores closing.

The “enduring legacy” of the pandemic’s effect on retail, as UBS puts it, is the push to online shopping, as fears over the coronavirus as well as stay-at-home orders to prevent transmission have kept many people at home.

In 2020, 17 major retailers filed for bankruptcy – including Lord & Taylor, Century 21 and Brooks Brothers – while others are

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3 cruelty-free skincare products to leave your face glowing

Your skin has seen better days. Cold weather can leave your face feeling dull and dry, and all you want is for it to be bright and moisturized. With so many skincare tools out there, it’s hard to decide which one is best for your skin. Since these days are all about self-care, we’ve rounded up three skincare tools from StackedSkincare to help your skin look clearer and feel softer on a budget. StackedSkincare is a vegan, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, and sulfate-free skincare line, rated highly on Amazon, with over 4 stars. If you want to keep the self-care train a-runnin’, give yourself a stunning gel mani with this at-home gel manicure LED lamp.

StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Exfoliation Tool, on sale for $52.99 (29% off)

Skip the spa for now and exfoliate your face at home with this aesthetician-developed exfoliation tool. Its syringe edge blade will remove buildup, dead skin, and

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