7 Eyewear Trends I Predict Will Be Huge in 2021

Ever since 2021 began, we’ve hit refresh and have embraced the newfound energy the start of a new year brings—especially in fashion. Now is the time to dissect the latest trends of 2021 and mark which are for you versus those you can do without. Today’s trend focus is eyewear. Eyewear is perhaps the most personal accessory as they are not always a one-size-fits-all piece, and by now, you’ve probably found your niche in what shapes and styles suit your face shape. If the former is you, then 2021 eyewear trends were made for you. This season, designers gave all of the beloved, timeless eyewear silhouettes the update we never knew they needed.

Historically, fashion reflects the state of society, and this year proves to be no different. Eyewear trends this year focus on the balance of novelty, statement-making frames, and timeless designs. Consumers are leaning

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Woman shows off hilarious online shopping fail as ‘Slender Man’ tracksuit bottoms are so long they come up to her HEAD

VIEWERS were shocked and horrified by this woman’s hilarious online shopping disaster.

After ordering a pair of tracksuit bottoms on AliExpress, Tiktok user Levi got a lot more than she bargained for.

Levi says that the joggers look "lovely" before you notice the length


Levi says that the joggers look “lovely” before you notice the lengthCredit: @levikw7/TikTok

Before noticing the full length of the trackies, Levi says that they look “lovely”.

Holding the joggers up to her body, Levi shows that they come all the way up to her head.

Levi says that she’s around 5’7”, so the joggers are insanely long.

Most commenters found the video absolutely hilarious.

The trousers are almost as long as 5'7" Levi


The trousers are almost as long as 5’7″ LeviCredit: @levikw7/TikTok

“I am absolutely p***ing myself”, said one viewer.

Another wrote, “I just snort laughed watching this. Brilliant”, while a third commented, “Oh wow I wasn’t expecting that. Laughed hard at that”.

Some, however, pointed out that the joggers were

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Ashley Cain’s daughter Azaylia is surrounded by extended family in sweet portrait shared by mum Safiyya

ASHLEY Cain and girlfriend Safiyya’s daughter Azaylia was surrounded by extended family as they posed for a sweet portrait.

The 30-year-old former footballer held his beautiful daughter close to his chest as they smiled for the heartwarming photo.

Ashley Cain and daughter Azaylia were surrounded by family for a sweet portrait


Ashley Cain and daughter Azaylia were surrounded by family for a sweet portraitCredit: miss_safiyya_/Instagram

The family gathered together to be part of the snap with adorable eight-month-old Azaylia.

Safiyya took to social media to share the moving post, along with the caption “family”.

Yesterday Safiyya revealed that severe swelling on her daughter’s face is preventing her from opening her eyes – and they’d sought help from community nurses.

She had a cold compress remedy as her kidneys struggle to drain fluid due to her terminal leukaemia.

The adorable eight-month-old has terminal leukaemia


The adorable eight-month-old has terminal leukaemiaCredit: instagram

The brave mum took to her Instagram story to update followers on how the little

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10 Secrets to Dressing Like the World’s Chicest Women

French fashion may be mysterious and masterful, but it’s not entirely unattainable. The women of this highly chic country are forever at the top of the tree when it comes to effortlessness—no other nation could possibly contend for the title. Speak to any stylish French woman though, and she’ll probably tell you that this level of effortless does, in fact, take some work. I recall Isabel Marant telling me that the concept is something of a very well-guarded myth. Constructed or not, there is just no denying that Parisian style in particular is coveted and emulated across the globe.

As well adopting their relaxed attitude to getting dressed, there are style cues you can take and tweak to incorporate into your own wardrobe and bring in un petit peu of that coveted je ne sais quoi.

It’s highly likely you know some major French fashion rules by heart already: For

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