Lesson of the Day: ‘How Working From Home Changed Wardrobes Around the World’

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Featured Article: “How Working From Home Changed Wardrobes Around the World” by The New York Times

How much has your fashion style changed during the coronavirus pandemic? Which styles do you think are here to stay and which do you think will be the first to go once the world opens up again?

In this lesson, you’ll travel across the world from India to Italy to see how months of self-isolation, lockdown and working and learning from home have affected what we wear. Then we invite you to report on the pandemic style trends in your community and make predictions about the postpandemic fashion future.

Have your fashion choices changed during the pandemic? If you’re attending school online, do you still get dressed up? Or do

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With pandemic shifting how many people shop, those trends may be here to stay

Pre-pandemic, some people scoffed at the idea of paying someone to do their grocery shopping. Others simply couldn’t afford it or navigate the technology. Today, online grocery shopping is essential for many.

“Now, with online groceries, we see customers shopping at all hours of the day, they can schedule their deliveries for when they want them. That certainly began because people who were sheltering in place or staying at home needed to take care of the kids at home, but this behavior looks like it’s going to stick,” said Lauren Romaniuk with Instacart.

The Sunday shopping experience isn’t totally dying off, according to Instacart. They are seeing some return to weekend orders.

But in 2020, people got more accustomed to doing their grocery shopping mid-week.

Instacart compiled a massive report based on polling, customer data and chats between shoppers and clients. It found delivery time shrunk.

Nearly all of Instacart

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Best ecommerce website builder and online store builder in 2021

The past year brought many new adjustments to our lives, lockdowns and quarantines key among them. However, these new adjustments in life also brought changes in the market. Many businesses were forced to shift their sales focus into the online environment; even many grocery chains started making the digital transition into ecommerce. Ecommerce and online stores are nothing new, but the pandemic brought a whole new wave of ecommerce businesses to the market. 

Many people started their own online stores to sell their products directly to the consumer. Having a quality product to sell is important, but creating a memorable online shopping experience for the customer is equally as important. A website for ecommerce sales must have the functionality and design that keeps the customer on the site through the point of sale. 
According to ecommerce statistics, only 9.6% of Gen Z customers report buying items in a

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‘Fashion is back’ as shoppers storm Primark stores for post-lockdown outfits

Primark enjoyed an all-time record week of trading as staff welcomed customers back into stores in England and Wales for the first time this year.

But bosses say the reopening on April 12 has been different to those last summer and in the run-up to Christmas with shopping habits changing, and they claimed: “Fashion is back.”

With an apparent end to the Covid-19 pandemic in sight, shoppers are buying more outfits for going out, rather than stay-at-home comfort clothes, and are also making specific trips to city centre stores.

Coronavirus – Mon Apr 12, 2021

Customers queued for a chance to snap up cheap fashion in Primark (Jacob King/PA)

John Bason, finance chief of the retailer’s parent company Associated British Foods (ABF), explained to the PA news agency: “Our week goes Sunday through to Saturday. So, from Monday to Saturday – those six days are comfortably ahead of any seven-day period of Primark sales in

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