midriffs and statement tuxedos catch up with Gen Z style

<span>Photograph: Chris Pizzello/AP</span>

Photograph: Chris Pizzello/AP

The dresses at the 2021 Oscars confirmed what a walk through any park or beer garden this weekend would have told you: for the younger generation, a cantilevered cleavage has been replaced by a flash of bare midriff as the key signifier of party dressing.

For Generation Z, a plunging neckline is what mums wear in date-night photos they post on Facebook. A crop top above high waisted jeans, to show a few inches of skin, or a dress with a shark-bite sized cut out to show some side-ab, is a more modern way to power (party) dress.

Carey Mulligan’s gold sequins showcased two ribs between a vast skirt and a tiny boob tube. (Mulligan chose to leave the matching face mask with which the look was accessorised when it starred on the Valentino haute couture catwalk in January at home.) Andra Day, fellow best actress nominee

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These markets sustain people, farms of Berkshires | Health And Wellness

Grant for Food Banks

Volunteer Marianne Bailey peels the rind off of a wheel of Maggie’s Round cheese that was donated by Cricket Creek Farm, a local partner, at The Berkshire Food Project in North Adams in March. Cricket Creek is a local farm that does business with Berkshire Food Co-op and Wild Oats.

How do you spell sustainability? (Hint: There’s lots of vowels.)

Wild Oats and Berkshire Food Co-op seem to have it figured out.

They know — from their checkouts to their boardrooms — sustainability is not just a long word in their mission statements. It’s lived daily.

Head into either store in Northern and Southern Berkshire, and you’ll find two human- and ecologically-minded and member-owned nonprofit businesses steeped in sustaining their communities.


A close-up photo of a new bulk item at Wild Oats, Very Berry Mix, which comes from a local company called Tierra Farm in New York.

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7 Steps to Kick the Quarantine Online Shopping Habit

Shopping has never been easier. In a matter of moments, you can log onto your favorite online store, select a few items, and hit the checkout button. In a day or so, your package will arrive at your door.

It’s no wonder that the e-commerce industry is booming, with more and more people shopping online. In the past year, many people have stayed home due to COVID-19 and gained a lot more time with their screens.

For people who are prone to impulse buys, the combination of lockdown and the increasing availability of online retail can be a dangerous one.

It’s easy to see why online shopping might have boomed during quarantine. Many stores shut their doors, and health guidelines dictate that shoppers avoid unnecessary excursions.

As a result, online shopping has become a natural alternative to going to the mall.

Online shopping was already on the rise before the

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How a Hollywood beauty expert gets faces ready for the Oscars

‘My male clients often want chiseled chins, a jaw like Robert Pattinson or John Hamm. My beauty mantra is that it is better to maintain than to reclaim and always try to be preventative.’ For chiseled jawlines, Sherill will often use a laser treatment called SculpSure to zap away excess fat, and then dermal fillers such as Sculptra to create a more defined jawline, and occasionally even administers a face-lift with dissolvable threads which gives the face a lifted appearance.   

In recent years in aesthetics there has been a move towards overall skin health, texture and tone, as well as classic injectables, which is what Sherill calls “combination therapy”. ‘As there is no exercise for the skin, and we stop making new collagen naturally at 25, so sometimes my clients need help from lasers. There are a number of tightening lasers that can thicken those collagen fibers and cause the

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