The DDPro Initiative is Creating a Safe Space for Transgender and Non-Binary People

For many within the trans and non-binary community, beauty, art, fashion, and creating are integral parts of self-discovery and expression. Some people’s first understanding of their gender is realized through makeup and hair. And for some others, beauty is crucial to survival as it provides an escape from our sometimes undesirable realities. As it exists now, beauty is more than an outlet of self-determination; in the online realm, beauty helps find and build community. These connections have led to unfathomable career opportunities in today’s industry, whether as an associate at Sephora or as a behind-the-scenes glam team in Hollywood. The presence of trans people in the beauty industry steadily grows.

Beauty has reached far beyond escapism and capitalism; countless beauty artists apply their talents towards the greater good, advocating for social justice issues, often with messages painted right on their faces.

Matt Bernstein’s radical looks have informed thousands

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Fashion for pointy shoes unleashed a wave of bunions in medieval England

The 14th century saw the arrival of an abundance of new styles of dress and footwear in Europe, coming in a wide range of fabrics and colours. Among these new fashion trends were “poulaines” – rather eccentric-looking medieval shoes with a lengthy pointed tip.

The archaeological and the historical record suggests that this new fashion item was widely adopted by England’s medieval society and that, by the late 14th century, almost every type of shoe was at least slightly pointed, even in children. Shoe pointiness would eventually became so extreme that in 1463 King Edward IV passed a law limiting toe-point length to less than two inches within London.

The adoption of this latest flavour of footwear was not without its risks. Our research, conducted on medieval human skeletal remains from Cambridge in England, shows that hallux valgus of the big toe – commonly know as bunions

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