With COVID on the rise, we asked disease experts how they’re traveling, dining, and gathering

Kuritzkes said travelers should be mindful of case rates where they’re heading, and the vaccination status of who they’re planning to see. In his case, he felt comfortable because Wisconsin is not a high incidence state, and because his daughter and son-in-law are both vaccinated.

“I’d be more concerned traveling to Arkansas and Missouri and Florida than I would be around New England,” Kuritzkes said.

Dr. David Hamer, an infectious diseases specialist at Boston Medical Center and professor at Boston University, said he has been on a few trips since the start of the pandemic, and has likewise been careful to choose low-risk destinations. Hamer also said he prefers short flights, since passengers on long flights are more prone to remove their masks to eat and drink.

“Long haul international flights, I still would feel less comfortable taking,” he said.

Dr. Sabrina Assoumou, an infectious diseases specialist at Boston Medical

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Pandemic Drove Online Prices Higher -Report | Investing News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The rush to online shopping during the pandemic drove prices higher for goods ordered over the internet, eroding a long-standing cost advantage and possible evidence that overall inflation may become more persistent than thought, according to a new report from tech giant Adobe.

The study, analyzing a trillion retail site visits across 18 product categories matched to the closely watched U.S. Consumer Price Index that measures general inflation, found that online prices jumped 2.3% in June on an annual basis.

Graphic: Cost of digital goods turns up: https://graphics.reuters.com/USA-ECONOMY/PRICES/lgpdwmjlnvo/chart.png

They had fallen an average 3.9% annually from 2014 to 2019 and began turning higher last year.

For consumers, online shopping “has been a bit of a haven. They can get different pricing,” said Vivek Pandya, lead analyst for Adobe Digital Insights. “Through the pandemic what we have seen is that is not so much the case.”

The online

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Celeb-loved quick fix body treatments that actually work

Like many of us stuck home over the past year, Sandra Hinke fell out of her beauty and fitness routines during the pandemic. When spring came and she was ready to trade her loungewear for more revealing clothes, the retired teacher wasn’t thrilled with her appearance.

“I usually work out a lot and I was always very consistent with my upkeep, but being in the house for a year really took a toll on my body,’’ said the 53-year-old, who lives in Dix Hills, LI. “I wanted to get myself beach-ready.’’

So, she signed on for radiofrequency microneedling treatments, meant to improve skin laxity and decrease wrinkling, from dermatologist Marina Peredo, who has offices in Dix Hills and on the Upper East Side. These were followed by the topical application of exosomes, an experimental cell-based therapy thought to promote tissue growth factors and speed healing.

Sandra Hinke
Sandra Hinke after her
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5 Fall 2021 Microtrends Fashion People Are Already Wearing

As fashion editors, it’s part of our jobs to always be looking ahead in fashion. While we’re deep in the summer style scene right now, wearing pieces like yellow sunglasses and sporty swimsuits that are having a major moment, we’re also thinking about what fall fashion will look like. We’re already seeing early signs of what fashion insiders will be wearing for the season ahead and there are already a number of fall microtrends set to define 2021 that have been adopted by the fashion set.

So, which pieces are already winning out? Many of them are trends that take inspiration straight from the runways, including the midriff-baring knit skirt sets that made a statement at Fendi and the saturated shades that we saw pretty much everywhere. Ahead, see 5 fall microtrends I’m expecting will be huge in 2021 and shop my edit to start wearing them now if you’re

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