Beauty Pie makes luxury beauty products at affordable prices

What if I told you you could buy luxury-quality beauty and skin products for $10-$15 a pop? And they’re made in the same factory as other high-end brands.

That’s the selling points of Beauty Pie, an online beauty emporium that sells a range of skincare and cosmetic products to customers. The brand emphasizes its access to the same labs as its brand-name counterparts. Founded by serial entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore (behind Soap and Glory, Bliss, and FitFlop) in 2016, Beauty Pie champions transparent pricing, claiming their lack of a middle man and retail markups gives you their lowest possible price. 

[Photo: courtesy Beauty Pie]

The concept of “the same factory” isn’t new: Italic and Few Moda operate with the same concept, stocking label-free fashion goods from the same factories and suppliers as high-end designers. Beauty Pie likens itself to “Costco for luxury beauty products.” But Costco feels like the wrong thing

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