From Beauty To Fashion, Here Are Five Ways To Add Shimmer To Your Look!

We women are faced with various fashion choices to make on a daily basis. Moreover, who does not like to look good? Keeping in mind your love for fashion and desire to look good we are back again with another set of fashion tips! This time it is on the inclusion of shimmer in your look!

Shimmer is that one pattern that can never go out of fashion. However, it is also a very tricky element to deal with. If you overdo your shimmer, you will end up looking extremely tacky but if you do not include it well, you will end up looking like you do not belong at the party!

So here are five sure-shot ways to include shimmer in your look!

The Shimmery Eyes

Priyanka wearing a hat: shimmer eyes makeup

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shimmer eyes makeup

Image Credit:assets.vogue

Perfect for an outfit that has a solid colour, shimmery eyes will never

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