Counter Space Host Sophia Roe on Perioral Dermatitis

Photo: Courtesy of Sophia Roe

“We look at celebrities or actors onscreen, and we see their ‘perfect’ skin, but outside of getting work done or skin care, there are so many different technological things and beauty filters to make them look like like that, to get rid of pores, to get rid of lines,” says Sophia Roe. “I mean, there are whole scenes that shows will shoot a certain way because someone has a breakout.” As the host of VICE TV’s Counter Space, where the chef explores wellness through food and welfare advocacy, Roe is on-camera a great deal of time. So the next time you find yourself comparing your skin to those onscreen, she wants you to ask, “Wait, what do they have access to? What have they been doing? Preventatively, what were they able to do in their 20s that I wasn’t able to?” Then take it

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NYC’s Style Set Is Betting Big on These 11 Fall Fashion Trends

All around the world, people love, live, and breathe fashion; it has no boundaries. But there are specific cities that are known for being fashion hubs. It’s impossible to deny the influence of the street style scene in Paris, Hong Kong, and Copenhagen, but New York City’s fashion set has always been at the forefront of trends. Just look at the receipts: the championing of the Bushwick Birkin before it was a global phenomenon or the plethora of emerging fashion brands that call NYC home. Love it or hate it, if a trend can make it in this city, it can make it anywhere. So since we want to know which fall trends are worth adopting, we have to take it to the streets and pick the minds and mood boards of New York’s most fashionable residents. Ahead, 18 stylish women share which NYC fall fashion

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Endicott Street turnaround | Local News

DANVERS — Change is coming to Endicott Street.

Several businesses have opened or are planning to set up shop in the busy Danvers shopping district, and, according to Town Manager Steve Bartha, the town is looking to do whatever it can to ensure the corridor thrives.

“I can’t say what would be ideal there, but I know (the town planning and economic development office) is trying to answer that question and figure out what is the vision for the town,” Bartha said.

The Friendly Toast, a popular brunch spot with locations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, recently opened its sixth location at the Liberty Tree Mall.

“It’s been great so far. We are very very pleased with how we’ve done business-wise and our team is doing great so far,” said owner Eric Goodwin.

Goodwin said the Friendly Toast has been looking to expand to the North Shore for some

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Kroger launches online shopping covering most of Central Florida

LAKELAND – Chances are that Kroger truck down the street is delivering a neighbor’s online order of groceries. 

The Kroger Co. has opened an e-commerce hub in Groveland to fulfill online orders for groceries within a 90-mile radius, which includes Polk County. The hub can complete orders from Tampa to Cocoa and from Jacksonville to Sarasota for everything from spinach to ice cream, bread and steak.  

This marks the first time Cincinnati-based Kroger has conducted e-commerce in Florida. There are currently no stores in Florida and no plans for a brick-and-mortar store, according to a company spokesperson.  

“We really are focused on the e-commerce model in Florida,” said Andrea Colby, who is Kroger’s e-commerce corporate affairs and communications manager. Regarding any plans for a physical store, she added, “It’s always a consideration. We are always analyzing opportunities.” 

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