Gender Neutral Fashion & How The Industry Shapes Our Norms

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Take a walk down Fifth Avenue, a virtual stroll through Instagram, or get lost in the black hole that is TikTok, and chances are you’ll see more than one emerging fashion trend. Maybe it’s low-rise jeans, a scarf-turned-top, cowboy boots—or maybe, it’s a nod to gender neutrality

Gone are the days when skirts implied femininity and trousers the opposite. Over is the idea that fem and masc can’t coexist. Instead, we are entering—and creating—a society in which gender is seen as a sliding scale, not a binary.

As such, it’s no surprise that gender-neutral trends have been on the rise over the past five years. In 2018, Off-White made a statement with its gender neutral capsule collection, becoming one of the most prominent names in fashion to challenge gender stereotypes.

Since then, other designers and even celebs have taken their own spin

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The Day – Latina entrepreneurs are forcing beauty giants to pay attention

Almost nine years ago, Jessica Torres launched a style blog to help build her resume as an aspiring fashion journalist. A self-described plus-sized Latina from the Bronx, she didn’t see herself reflected among staffers at the magazine where she interned. She eventually came to the conclusion that the path to success would require striking out on her own.

Today, Torres has 138,000 Instagram followers. Instead of writing stories, she’s paid by the likes of Sephora and Ugg to promote their products, raking in as much as $25,000 for posts and projects on behalf of some brands. But Torres isn’t your typical online influencer: She’s part of a wave of Latinas looking to expand their online footprint and boost corporate respect for one of the largest U.S. consumer demographics.

Especially in the realm of beauty products, Hispanics are increasingly driving and shaping the industry as consumers and business owners. In 2020,

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11 cute sweater vests for fall 2021 that start at $25

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A hat, a knitted vest and headphones on a two-tone background. Fashionable classic knitted clothing.

Jump on board with fall’s biggest trend in sweaters. (Getty Images)

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Vintage-inspired trends have been hot for several seasons, and sweater vests are one trend that’s creeping back into 2021 fashion trends, with many brands launching their own take on the classic look.

Sweater vests are a great transitional piece since they keep you warm, yet still give you flexibility if you don’t like full sleeves. You can wear them in a multitude of ways, including alone, over a classic collared blouse, on top of a dress, or even over a short sleeved tee. 

If you’re

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