Holiday shopping 2021: Experts are warning to get your gifts early this year

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pennsylvania — With the holiday shopping suddenly upon us, it appears that getting that perfect gift or preparing that perfect meal will be far more challenging than in years past due to supply chain issues.

Shoppers are noticing that it’s difficult to find a variety of items, and virtually everything from food to Christmas trees are more expensive.

The price increase is being caused by gridlock at major seaports and a truck driver shortage across the country. Analysts say the forecast for the holiday season is not looking better.

“There will be some level of supply shortages, some delays in terms of buying goods,” said Adam Kamins of Moody’s Analytics.

The advice to holiday shoppers?

“Start early and make sure you’re very mindful of your budget,” said Mark Fried of TFG Wealth Management.

“That’s why I’m getting a head start by coming out early, so I can

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Spa Day at Home: How to Choose the Best Face Mask for Your Skin | Lifestyles

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More than ever, home skincare routines are the best way to take advantage of spa-quality products to give you clear, glowing, refreshed skin. Face masks are a great addition to any skincare routine, and regular use (2-3 times per week), can make a noticeable impact on your skin’s health. For everything you need to know when choosing a face mask, read on!


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Tubes and Creams Vs. Single-Use Sheets

Face masks are usually available in one of two forms: a tube/cream or a sheet. Both work equally well, and the choice between them is based on personal preference. If you’re trying a new type of mask, purchasing a 

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