A new nonbinary clothing line, represents a partnership between Mexican and American fashion designers

A sort of luck, and having a friend in common, sparked the creation of the Badass Bonita clothing line, a collection of 11 nonbinary pieces created by Californian entrepreneur and published author Kim Guerra in collaboration with Mexican designer Nacho Jota and that was recently presented in San Diego.

Flared skirts and open-sided pants, crop tops, and a dress with a tail are some collection items, created to empower and make anyone feel beautiful, according to Guerra.

“We immediately click”, said Nacho Jota, who runs his fashion brand and stylish showroom in Mexico City. Guerra visited his showroom after falling in love with a fashion piece created by Jota and worn by Gloria Lucas —creator of body-positive and eating disorders awareness organization nalgonapositivitypride.com.

On a phone conversation, Jota said he started his brand during the pandemic. He said that his collaboration with Guerra aims to create fashion for everyone

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Minnesota communities still capturing sales tax revenues despite ‘Amazon effect’, new research finds – InForum

NEW LONDON, Minn. — Concerns that online shopping has eaten away at sales tax collection in rural Minnesota communities have been largely unfounded, new research from

Minnesota’s Center for Rural Policy and Development


The findings were presented via webinar Monday, Dec. 13. Speaking from his home in New London, research associate Kelly Asche laid out what the Center for Rural Policy and Development termed the “Amazon effect”, the broadscale shift to online shopping among consumers.

Asche outlined three disruptions the move to e-commerce has caused: uniform pricing, an increase in experience-based, in-person shopping and the incorporation of technology into brick-and-mortar retailers. The result, Asche said, is that brick-and-mortar establishments have needed to spend more to remain competitive and have therefore become less profitable.

While taxable sales have increased 32% among Minnesota retailers since 2010, the figure is paltry in comparison to the 171% increase among out-of-state retailers. Despite this,

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The Year Ahead: Beauty’s Cautious Recovery

This article first appeared in The State of Fashion 2022, an in-depth report on the global fashion industry, co-published by BoF and McKinsey & Company. To learn more and download a copy of the report, click here.

Consumers cut spending on discretionary items amid Covid-19 stay-at-home restrictions, and sales of beauty products plunged. In 2020, global sales fell 15 percent from $538 billion in 2019 to $458 billion. In 2021, as lockdowns ease, the sector is close to reversing that fall. A 13 percent increase in sales to $518 billion is projected for 2021 and, in 2022, sales should top 2019 levels.

Asia Pacific and North America should be the first regions to completely recover 2019 sales performance, followed by Europe, while Latin America, the Middle East and Africa will take longer. China, where the beauty market continued to grow during the pandemic, will pick up speed, fuelled by

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Fashion experts share 7 wedding looks they can’t stand, and 5 they absolutely love

wedding dresses

Some wedding styles are less timeless than others.elgreko/Shutterstock

  • Insider asked fashion experts about their least and most favorite wedding looks.

  • Ball gowns and mermaid-style dresses are popular choices but aren’t entirely functional.

  • Low-back numbers and long sleeves add style and drama to just about any occasion.

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Some wedding-day looks are fleeting, but others have the potential to become timeless styles.

Insider asked fashion professionals to share their least favorite outfit trends, and which numbers they’ll likely adore for years to come.

Puffy ball gowns often make movement difficult

wedding dress bride bridal gown

wedding dress bride bridal gown

Ball gowns are not the most functional choice.Thibault Camus/AP

Creative director Sarah Johnson, the owner of Odette and Odile, told Insider that one of her least favorite wedding looks is the puffy ball gown.

“This style is impractical, as you’ll spend most of the night getting stepped

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