How To Build A Mindful Closet That Sparks Joy

Whether you’re resolving to clean out your closet, shop more ethically or elevate your style from the pandemic sweatpants uniform, the transition to a new year is an ideal time to revamp your wardrobe. But, like most New Year’s resolutions, facing your closet can be a difficult task if your body and lifestyle doesn’t align with your expectations.

Enter personal stylist Dacy Gillespie.

Tired of witnessing women base their wardrobe choices on the patriarchal fashion rules they grew up with, Gillespie left a career in classical music to create the Mindful Closet: a weight-inclusive personal styling service that encourages people to shop and dress more mindfully. Rather than prescribe people outfits based on their body shape, Gillespie

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The 11 best spa packages to treat yourself with in and near Dublin in 2022

A day at the spa is the spot of luxury we all deserve after the chaos of the past two years.

To be just looked after for a few hours, getting those knots loosened and being given the chance to truly unwind… there is nothing else like it.

Here are 11 of the best spa packages in and near Dublin for you to treat yourself to this year.

South William Clinic and Day Spa

The South William Clinic and Day Spa prides itself on its expertise in skincare, with the dedicated team helping visitors achieve the glowiest of glowy skin.

As well as their wide range of facials, they also offer treatment such as cryotherapy.

South William Clinic and Spa

© South William Clinic and Spa
South William Clinic and Spa

Rain Forest Day Spa

Named Ireland’s best day spa in 2021, Rain Forest in Enniskerry, County Wicklow is only a 30 minute drive from

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