Why do people get cold feet? Pre-wedding jitters explained

Experts say it's normal to have a bout of cold feet before or on your wedding day. But in some cases, it can be a red flag. (Photo: Getty Images)

Experts say it’s normal to have a bout of cold feet before or on your wedding day. But in some cases, it can be a red flag. (Photo: Getty Images)

Late spring marks the unofficial start of “wedding season,” and with that, plenty of couples are gearing up to exchange vows. But not everyone who plans to get married actually goes through with it — and the “cold feet” phenomenon has something to do with it.

These pre-wedding jitters have been blamed for wedding postponements and cancellations, but experts say they’re much more common than most people realize, even in couples who end up married. “It’s very normal to have cold feet before you get married,” clinical psychologist Thea Gallagher, an assistant professor at NYU Langone Health and co-host of the Mind in View podcast, tells Yahoo Life.

If you or your partner develop cold feet, it’s understandable

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23 Best Polo Shirts for Men in 2022: Todd Snyder, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, and More

In 2022, no wardrobe is complete without at least one—if not several!—of the best polo shirts on the market close at hand. They’re as laid back and versatile as a T-shirt, only with the addition of a face-framing, respectability-enhancing collar. You can trust ‘em to help you look handsome in a host of situations—with shorts on the weekend (think: deep ’70s energy), with denim at the bar, with a blazer at an outdoor wedding. And let’s not forget that they’re a cornerstone of the most essential dress code of our time, Zoom Casual. Truly nothing masks the chaotic energy of your WFH situation quite like a relatively wrinkle-free polo shirt. 

And here’s the best part: You don’t just have to stick to the plain Jane polos you wore when you were younger. Like you already have with the rest of your wardrobe, get weird! We’re talking abnormal colors, vintage

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Rental Apartments Near Princeton Shopping Center Approved

PRINCETON, NJ — The 125-unit rental apartment development near Princeton Shopping Center received the green light from Princeton Planning Board last week.

Terhune Development Urban Renewal LLC had requested preliminary and final site plan approval for an “inclusionary” multi-family rental development on the corner of North Harrison Street and Terhune Road.

The application was discussed during a special meeting on May 3, that went on for nearly five hours. The development will have 125 apartments on a 5.9-acre lot, which will include 25 affordable units. Read More: New Rental Apartments Proposed Near Princeton Shopping Center

The plan calls for a four-story building with 60 one-bedroom apartments, 59 two-bedroom homes and six three-bedroom apartments.

Planning Board members and municipal staff praised the development for its sustainability features. The project features low-flow toilets and fixtures, green rood, stormwater retention, high-efficiency heat pump and more. The project will have a dog park and

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Top Fashion Trends From Coachella 2022

Coachella marks the official beginning of the festival season, and even better, festival fashion. The desertous two-weekend event takes place in Indio, California, just outside of Palm Springs the luxurious desert getaway for Southern Californians and the festival is known to be a career-changing gig for artists, and one of the biggest honors to headline.

From desert-inspired fashion to funky patterns, the most extravagant two-piece outfits and even straight-up bikinis, the fashion is one of the best parts of Coachella. See what everyone wore this year, and trends that will surely influence the entire festival season if not summer style in general.

Here are 10 trends from Coachella 2022 to inspire future festival outfits.


10 Bikini Season

Bra tops have been trending over the last year as the perfect feminine touch to trouser pants or to wear under a blazer, and now with the summer

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