‘I wish them the best’

Shanna Moakler is wishing her ex-husband, Travis Barker, and his new wife, Kourtney Kardashian, all the best.

“I wish them the best. They both look truly happy and I am pleased and excited for them as they embark on this new journey,” Moakler told Fox News Digital in a statement on Monday.

Kardashian and Barker are officially married following a ceremony in California, just one month after the couple participated in an unofficial ceremony in Las Vegas. Kardashian confirmed the reports with photos of the nuptials on Instagram.

Kardashian, 43, and Barker, 46, held a ceremony at a courthouse in Santa Barbara, with little fanfare and without her famed sisters present, TMZ reported.


The couple, who have been engaged since October, had a marriage license for this wedding — unlike their Vegas outing —

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Retail Store Profiling Software Can Drive Your In-Store Marketing

Online retailers have their limitations when it comes to serving customers on an urgent basis. According to Google/Ipsos, nearly 80% of shoppers go to store to buy when they have an item they need or want immediately. Retail stores are still in high demand and this is one of many reasons. 

Now, question is, how to keep these customers engaged with your store? In other words, how to drive constant results from your in-store marketing tactics? The answer is retail store profiling.

Retail store profiling or simply, store profiling is the process of centralizing the information related to your store, location(s), customers specific to the location, suppliers, and marketing assets. The information is stored in store profiling software. Accessible through web and mobile both, it provides you with store-specific marketing techniques. 

Store profiling has a rich history of serving local to international retailers. We have discussed one such example

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Whatnot Partners With UFC Fighter Jorge Masvidal

“The idea is if we can leverage these people who have incredible audiences—and influence over that audience—in the world of venture capital, you’d be able to help make those businesses move forward faster,” Groves said.

PLUS works to create celebrity partnerships by identifying each client’s passions and finding companies that align with them, Groves said. From there, the venture firm can reach out to prospective partners from its many contacts and can help evaluate businesses that approach its clients. Recently, PLUS paired actress Nina Dobrev with the candy company SmartSweets after she had told them about her love for its snacks.

Celebrity entrepreneurship has shifted quite a bit in recent years, Groves said. While celebrities are paid for endorsements, Groves said investing allows them to gain equity from the growth of companies that benefit from their work.

“Like in movies, for example, where they’re earning a residual along the way,

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YouTube teases livestream shopping expansion with co-streams, live redirects

In recent years, YouTube has been working to transform its platform into more of a shopping destination with product launches like shoppable ads or more recently, the ability to shop directly from livestreams hosted by creators. Now, it’s furthering that investment with new features for live shopping experiences. At yesterday’s YouTube Brandcast event, where the company pitched itself to advertisers as a better place for their TV ad dollars, YouTube teased upcoming features that it claimed would make it easier for viewers to discover and buy from brands.

The company touted its forthcoming tools as offering advertisers a better way to engage viewers and make connections with their audience.

One new feature, explained YouTube, will allow two creators to go live at the same time to co-host a single live shopping stream. This could effectively double the draw for the event, as each creator would bring their own fanbase

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