21/04/2024 5:21 PM


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3 Fashion Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Winter, According to an Expert Trend Forecaster

Spring has sprung and with it, we shed off the layers – this year of sweatpants and hoodies – and welcome a new array of clothing. However, as fashion trends go, we’re already looking months ahead – to Fall/Winter 2021 to be exact.

Yet another virtual fashion month has passed, and you might be wondering which are the Fall/Winter 2021 fashion trends you can already wear this Spring/Summer season. (Because besides being fashion savvy, we’re all about efficiency and sustainability and that means favoring trends you can wear throughout the seasons.)

To find out what will be en vogue until daylight savings ends and beyond, we consulted trend forecaster Agus Panzoni. If you’re on fashion TikTok or “TrendTok,” as Panzoni likes to call it, you’ve probably stumbled upon her #content on your FYP. With a following of 160K (and growing!) on @thealgorythm, Paznoni focuses on sharing with TikTok users all about trend research, the trends you should avoid, and of course, the trends you should keep an eye out for.

Way before algorithms governed our every day, this Argentinian-born fashion lover actually moved to the U.S. to study Economics in Boston. However, it wasn’t until Panzoni was studying abroad in Australia and got invited to Sydney Fashion Week that she was introduced to the world of trend research via a WGSN presentation.

“It seems that many didn’t even know the industry existed but strongly resonated with the concept of it. It’s crazy to think that my TikTok created that ‘aha!’ moment I experienced during Sydney Fashion Week for so many more people! My account is called @thealgorythm to shed light on the importance algorithms play in trend growth. With people spending more time indoors due to COVID 19, fashion stimuli come from the online world, which is governed by algorithms,” Panzoni shared with Teen Vogue

“After graduation, I applied dozens of times to different positions in the company with no luck. Eventually, I connected with a fellow economist on LinkedIn who worked in the industry and she opened the door for me. Unfortunately, my time at the agency was cut short due to a visa delay,” Panzoni shared with Teen Vogue

Luckily, that didn’t stop Panzoni and her love for trends lead her to start her TikTok account. “My goal is to highlight small and sustainable businesses and eventually change the narrative away from trends towards something longer-lasting.” The best tip Panzoni has for anyone trying to break into the trend forecasting world? You need to be able to spot stylistic patterns while seeing the narrative that ties people to those design choices.

Below, take note of the three main fashion trends Panzoni has spotted for Fall/Winter, how to adapt them across seasons, and where to buy them!

1. Cloudwear 

According to Panzoni, comfortable clothing isn’t going anywhere, it’s only getting dreamier.

“In 2020, we saw the rise of quilted/padded accessories such as the padded sandal and the quilted bag. While these pieces are making a comeback in 2021 – with the addition of padded scarves from Holzweiler – this is the season when quilting and down fillings are taking over apparel. We saw it everywhere from quilted skirts by Eckhaus Latta to Vaquera’s quilted coats. If you love maximalism, a brand to watch is Dingyun Zhang.”

If you’re not sure which cloud-inspired item you should invest in, Panzoni recommends a down-filled jacket or padded accessories, particularly from small businesses like Findrs Keepers

Stand Studio Jacinda Puffy Jacket

2. Royalcore