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The Queen Of Beauty

5 items Olivia Palermo always has in her capsule wardrobe

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll no doubt have spent much of your younger years avidly following the lives and loves of the residents of Orange County in MTV hit reality show The Hills and its New York spin-off The City. And, if you were as obsessed as us with the latter, then Olivia Palermo will be firmly on your radar.

Known for her polished appearance, chic wardrobe and no-nonsense attitude, she quickly became the person to turn to when in need of serious sartorial advice. A talent she’s now capitalised on by evolving her innate sense of style into her eponymous luxury lifestyle brand Olivia Palermo — a carefully curated mix of fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle; expert tips and products picked by Palermo herself.

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Now a successful designer, creative director and model in her own right,

As well as creating her own beauty range, Olivia Palermo Beauty — which officially launched today (May 6th) — the 35-year-old entrepreneur has also established herself as a successful designer, creative director and model, as well as the go-to authority on luxury items — with numerous brands vying to collaborate with the star over the years.

Once such brand is LG SIGNATURE, a range of ultra-premium, cutting-edge electronics that combine luxury living with practical products — a natural fit for Palermo, who’s seen by her legion of loyal fans — and 6.5m Instagram followers — as the epitome of elegant, modern style.

We caught up with Olivia, ahead of her partnership to discover the secrets behind her flawless wardrobe, how her style has changed since her days on The City and what she’s been living in during lockdown.

Olivia Palermo’s style secrets

Olivia’s day-to-day style

I dress pretty normally. I have to go out with Mr Butler (her dog) everyday so there are no pyjama days and I also find it really sets my mind to be more productive once I am dressed and ready for the day.

The fashion item Olivia’s been living in during lockdown

      There is not one particular item I have been living in but I have worn a lot of cashmere, it is so comfortable and lightweight.

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      Olivia’s favourite item in her wardrobe

      My current favourite has to be my vintage navy and black Dior cape.

      The 5 items that make up Olivia’s ideal capsule wardrobe

      A pair of leather trousers, a camel suit for daytime, white button down shirt, great sunglasses and a pair of stylish flats.

      How Olivia’s style has evolved from her 20s to 30s

      ‘Life is too short for fashion regrets’

      I don’t think there is a marked difference, but I definitely dress differently now than I did 10 years ago. Your style and taste continues to evolve and your body changes so your fashion choices change too.

      Through my work I have the opportunity to wear some incredible clothes but I know my fashion lane. I am more confident in my choices and know what works for me.

      New labels Olivia loves

      I love Marina Raphael’s bags and my friend Andrew Kwon has just launched his bridal collection and the detail in the gowns is just stunning.

      Olivia’s go-to affordable brands

      My wardrobe is high street and designer, I have always loved mixing it up. There are some great affordable brands that are not only super stylish, they’re really making an effort to be more sustainable. I think shoppers are asking more questions now and we’re moving away from fast fashion.

      New independent shops Olivia’s discovered lately

      I have just discovered Mimi So and am loving her jewellery, she has been established for a few years but she is new to me. The last year has been so difficult for all brands and stores I am doing my best to support them.

      Olivia’s top tips and tricks to instantly up-style an outfit

      Two things: the first is to get your clothes altered so they fit you perfectly — whether that is shortening the sleeve or putting a tuck in — it makes such a difference. Secondly, take care of your clothes. My LG SIGNATURE washing machine has the programs to make sure everything I wash comes out looking perfect.

      Olivia’s go-to Zoom meeting outfit

      I don’t have a go to Zoom outfit but along with the cashmere I tend to wear a flowing skirt and gold jewellery. I have probably been more playful with accessories and jewellery and always make sure I have made up my face with my new Olivia Palermo Beauty range.

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      How Olivia describes her style

      Eclectic, tailored, colourful. I always like to have a pop of colour, you will rarely see me in a completely monochrome outfit.

      Olivia’s fashion regrets

      Never any regrets. I may look back and think I might not wear that outfit today but at the time I felt great and clearly thought I looked good or I would not have stepped out of the house. Life is too short for fashion regrets.

      LG SIGNATURE is the first ultra-premium product range from LG Electronics — highlighting the art of luxury living with its beautifully designed, cutting-edge products and help from international style authority, Olivia Palermo.

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