25/06/2024 6:58 AM


The Queen Of Beauty

5 takeaways from Seattle’s 20-9 victory over the Rams in Week 16

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Los Angeles Rams by a score of 20-9 to improve to 11-4 and clinch the NFC West for the first time since 2016. Here are five takeaways from the game.

A few missed opportunities

In the second quarter, Russell Wilson missed a wide-open Jacob Hollister in the red zone with a heinous overthrow. Jamal Adams dropped an interception that hit him right in the hands, sustaining a Rams drive that led to a field goal. A few missed opportunities . . . and Seattle must take advantage of gifts given to go far in the postseason.

Russell Wilson polarizes, but prevails

Wilson made some mistakes such as the aforementioned overthrow and a pass near the beginning of the game that by all rights should have been picked off, but he cleaned it up in the second half. He finished the day completing 20 of his 32 passes (62.5%) for 225 passing yards for a touchdown and no interceptions while rushing for an additional score. That TD pass to Hollister was a thing of beauty and all but put the game away, and an outstanding 45-yard completion to David Moore created the momentum that helped set up his rushing touchdown. The good outweighed the bad for the veteran quarterback on Sunday.

Jason Myers is worth it

Myers is still perfect on field goals for the 2020 season, and he banged through two 40+ yarders today when the Seahawks needed them. He may not be perfect on extra points which can be crucial in games, but he has done his job well and contributed greatly to the Seahawks winning the NFC West this year. Kickers are so important.

Outstanding goal-line stand

Stuffing the Rams at the goal line was the statement the Seahawks defense needed to make. After Jamal Adams saved a touchdown by tripping up Darrell Henderson to stop him at the one-yard line, a play that resulted in an unfortunate injury for the latter, Los Angeles ran it four consecutive times to no avail, with rookie Jordyn Brooks making the final stop for a turnover on downs. The Seahawks offense proceeded to go three-and-out, but the defense prevented a score in admirable fashion. Speaking of this unit . . .

Defense remains crucial to team’s success

This was another fantastic performance from the defense that is now the furthest thing from a liability to this team as is imaginable. They have been the best defense in the NFL over the past five weeks and limited the Rams to nine points and no touchdowns in this game. Their turnaround has been one of the most enticing developments of the season and perhaps the biggest reason for Seattle’s division victory this year. They must continue to be consistently great in the playoffs, and there is every reason to believe they can be.