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6 Hair & Makeup Styles to Try This Fall

Makeup Trends 2021: 6 Popular and Easy Makeup Looks to Try | InStyle

There’s something about the weather changing that makes you want to spice things up in the hair department. 

Fall is a time for experimenting with new cuts, colors, and styles, which is why this list will provide you with a little inspiration to get you started.

Here are six hair and makeup styles to try for the new season. Get shopping for some new hair & makeup supplies and see what you can come up with. 

  1. Fishtail braid 

This style always makes a comeback at this time of year. It’s a great way to protect your hair from the weather while also looking like a country-chic cowgirl. Check out this tutorial to see how you can achieve the look. Or, go one step further with a French fishtail braid.

Flip the braid to one side for the perfect, laid-back style. 

  1. Half top knot 

Taking the top half of your hair and making a messy bun is one of those ‘I’m trying hard to look like I’m not trying hard’ kind of styles. There are some girls that can master the messy bun in seconds, while others will be trying to master the look for years. 

If you’re one of the lucky few, this style is great for looking good and getting productive without having to worry about hair going in your eyes. It’s a cool style for heading into town for that all-important pumpkin spice latte or finishing DIY projects before the festive season begins. 

  1. Auburn balayage 

Auburn is this season’s star hair color, and balayage is back just like every other year. Combine the two, and you’ve got a killer look that’s easy to manage and perfectly on-trend. 

Deep reds are warm and striking for the new season and adding a few highlights here and there will help keep your hair looking fresher for longer. Before diving in, it might be worth speaking to your hairdresser if the change is going to be pretty drastic. If you’re already a brunette, you might find auburn is the little spruce up your hair needs.  

  1. Contrast money pieces

Tik Tok has seriously fueled this trend for Fall. Money pieces are the front threads of hair which tons of your favorite Tik Toker’s are dying in contrast colors. The style helps to frame the face while giving you a carefree yet fierce look. And, it’s perfect for those that don’t want to deal with too much maintenance: you can leave these bad boys to grow out for as long as you like.

  1. Winged eyeshadow

Rather than a bold eyeliner, winged eyeshadow has a softer, smoky look with half the effort of a classic smokey eye. It can be done in just about any color, but light greys, silvers, blacks, and golds look particularly glamorous.

  1. Big up the blush

One trend all red-faced girls will appreciate is the amped-up blush look. If you already get a little flushed in the chilly weather, this style will come naturally to you. The girls who don’t turn into a flustered tomato with the slightest breeze can use a little more blusher than normal to fit the aesthetic. No longer are you looking worse for wear: your red cheeks and stuffy nose are totally on-trend.