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6 Underrated Horror Movies To Watch On Halloween

If you don’t have a horror movie marathon in the last week of October then you aren’t doing Halloween right. Every year Hollywood releases its finest horror movies around this time of the year in hopes to be the next cult classic like Beetlejuice or IT. While some people like to stick to the same classics that they have been watching for a long time others need some new recommendations. Don’t worry our list won’t be recycling those same old movies that you are watching everywhere. We have compiled a list of six underrated horror movies that you need to watch ASAP.

Jakob’s Wife

If you don’t like typical horror movies where violence surpasses the level of thrill then Jakob’s Wife is the perfect movie for you. Anna (Barbara Crampton) truly lives in the shadow of her husband, the minister of a small town. She feels a sense of emptiness after devoting thirty years of her life to Pastor Jakob Fedder as a dutiful wife. Then everything flips after she meets The Master. The change in her is so evident that it makes Jakob realize that something is off with his wife. This change is also related to the number of growing murders in their town.

The Columnist

Art inspired by real-life events is plausible only to a certain extent. In this movie, Femke Boot (Katja Herbers) is taking inspiration from the disturbing acts she’s committing at night. She had promised a book to her publisher but couldn’t write it after reading all the negative comments online. This constant trolling sparks a violent streak in her and things get out of control.

In The Earth

If you want to see the movie equivalent of 2020 then you should watch In The Earth. In the movie, the world has been struck with a fatal virus with no cure to be found. Things go absolutely haywire when a park scout and a scientist get stuck inside the forest. There are paranormal activities going on around them and they have absolutely no way out.

Willy’s Wonderland

Most horror movies take place in an abandoned house, dingy motel, or a dark forest but the prime location of Willy’s Wonderland is a family fun center. A loner (Nicholas Cage) agrees to clean the fun center when he couldn’t pay money for his repaired car. Soon he discovers that this isn’t an ordinary entertainment center especially when he comes face to face with possessed animatronic creatures. This film is ideal for those who don’t want to be too scared to sleep after watching a horror movie.

Last Night In Soho

Who said horror films cannot be glamorous? Last Night In Soho is a rather stylish horror film with a twisted plotline. Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie) wants to be a fashion designer who has mysteriously entered into the era of the 60s. There she meets an aspiring singer Sandie who is nothing short of an alluring mystery. As the film progresses Eloise discovers that behind all the dazzling glamour something sinister is going on.

The Stylist

Critics have described The Stylist as an unusually sharp thriller, this alone should be enough to plan this movie for your next horror watch party. Claire (Najarra Townsend) has always idolized other people’s life. Most people know her as the hairstylist but only her victims learned before their death that she is also a serial killer. But things escalate quickly when one of her regular clients Olivia (Brea Grant) wants her to style her hair on her big day. Claire decided that Olivia would be her last victim and after that, she’ll change her ways. But sadly dark side of the brain isn’t an easier thing to suppress as Claire learned the hard way.

The Boy Behind the Door

The Boy Behind The Door celebrates all the classic elements of a horror movie. It thrives on the anticipation of every character’s next move. It is a movie for you if want to see a horror movie without all the blood and bodies. Two 12-year-old friends Bobby (Lonnie Chavis) and Kevin (Ezra Dewey) get kidnapped while they were going back to home from school. When they reach the place where they were supposed to be held captive Bobby somehow manages to get away. Instead of running away, he embarks on a suicide mission to rescue Kevin.

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