29/05/2024 4:33 AM


The Queen Of Beauty

6 vintage fashion trends that TikTok teens are ‘discovering’

Beloved fashion trends always tend to repeat themselves, and if you take a scroll through TikTok, creators on the popular video-sharing app are bringing some vintage trends back around.

Sometimes, it’s a classic trend from almost 50 years ago going viral again. Other videos feature styles that millennials know and love, just with a new name or fashionable twist. Here are six comeback styles that caught our attention.

1. Flared leggings

Millennials might know flared leggings by their original name: yoga pants. When one user’s video praising her new fashion find went viral, those who grew up wearing the stretchy black pants were shocked that the item had been rediscovered and renamed.

“Can’t believe the tik tok teens have just discovered yoga pants and they’re calling them flared leggings,” wrote one Twitter user at the time. “I hate it here.”

2. Baguette bags

Every ’90s girl remembers these small shoulder bags, which were originally designed by Fendi and seemed to be featured on every TV show of the era. While the bags fell out of fashion after a few years, Fendi relaunched the item in 2019. In 2021, the compact purses seem to hang off the arm of every TikTok user.

The hashtag for baguette bags has been viewed more than nine million times, and TikTok users have gotten creative: Plenty of videos show how to make the bags out of other vintage materials, like plaid skirts or colorful bandanas.

3. Velour tracksuits

Matching velour tracksuits were the height of glamour at one point — and now they’re back again. TikTok is full of videos of users trying on the tracksuits in different colors and patterns, and several brands, including Kim Kardashian’s Skims collection, have even started producing new versions of the look.

The tracksuit is especially suited for quarantine life: What’s better than soft, snuggly sweats when you’re spending most of your time at home?

4. Skorts

Skorts, the versatile shorts-and-skirt combination that was popular for years, is another blast from the past making a shocking comeback. When a TikTok user shared a video of herself trying on “skirts that are shorts,” one Twitter user joked that “time is a flat circle.”

5. Low-rise jeans

The style of jeans changes deemed most fashionable changes fairly frequently. In 2021 alone, the internet has already argued about skinny jeans versus mom jeans, but now low-rise jeans are having another moment to shine.

The hashtag for the style has been viewed over 36 million times, and TikTok users have made plenty of videos sharing the pros and cons of the midriff-baring style. Others have shared styling tips, in case you dare to give the look another try.

6. ’70s hair

The hashtag for ’70s trends has been viewed nearly one and a half billion times on TikTok, but the hairstyles seem to be making a special impact. Whether people are brushing out their hair into huge, face-framing curls, Farrah Fawcett style, or giving themselves bold haircuts, everyone on TikTok seems to be trying something new … that’s also old.