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6 ways to save money while shopping online

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As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, more shoppers are looking for ways to buy more for less as a means of saving. As much as shopping online offers you tempting opportunities that contribute to impulse buying, it helps to be a conscious shopper by setting limits for yourself or finding saving tricks. Here are ways to save money while shopping online.

1. Take advantage of offers and discounts

Find eCommerce stores offering discounts and offers by conducting a Google search and select the ones that suit your shopping list. If you have a favorite online store, it will save you time to search its name to see the available coupons. For example, if you love shopping on Amazon, find Amazon promotional codes and benefit from amazing offers and discounts. Here are some ways to get coupons online:

  • Sign up for newsletters
  • Search for coupons on reputable websites
  • Use coupon browser extensions

2. Enter reward programs

Reward programs, also called loyalty programs, benefit shoppers who are loyal to specific online stores. If there are particular items you keep buying, such as foodstuffs, check if your store offers loyalty programs and sign up to earn points on your purchases. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, redeem them to earn discounts on future purchases.

3. Make a shopping list

Whether shopping online or at your local store, a shopping list should guide you through the shopping process. Make a list of everything you need plus the estimated cost of each and shop around for the best prices, focusing more on quality. This will help you get only what you need and save you money that you would otherwise spend on impulse purchases.

4. Be strategic with your online shopping

For items that aren’t an emergency, time your purchases for when they will be discounted. For example, buying winter clothes during summer when stores are making clearance sales will save you money and get you more for less. Additionally, you can take advantage of Black Friday sales when almost everything is discounted.

5. Take advantage of the abandoned cart strategy

The abandoned cart strategy is whereby shoppers go online, fill the cart with everything they need then leave the website without paying. After a few days, the store sends you an email or a message on your phone offering a discount to help you complete your shopping. However, this trick can only work a few times, since the store monitors activity on their site. If they notice that you’re a frequent cart absconder, you may not get more offers.

6. Leverage on deals offered by credit card providers

These deals arise where banks partner with eCommerce stores to reward their customers. To take advantage of such deals, and be sure to look out for bank emails that encourage you to shop for particular items using your credit card to earn discounts.


As more people embrace online shopping, finding ways to get more for less makes it more fun. These tips will help you save while shopping online.