22/06/2024 3:50 AM


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7 Gifts That New Parents ACTUALLY Want

New baby

New baby


1. Don’t get Mum an aunty gown; get a chic nursing shawl instead

A classic, body flattering black shawl is always perfect for the breastfeeding mum who doesn’t want to compromise on style or privacy while breastfeeding in public or among family. You can never go wrong with black and mum can wear it with every outfit she has. Win-win.

2. Don’t give Mum a day at the spa; bring the spa to her instead

As much as a day at the spa might seem like a perfect idea for the new mum, it’s usually too hard for her to take time away from the new baby. So why not bring the spa to mum instead? Put together a pampering spa hamper that has everything from bubble bath to body scrub to bath bombs for a luxurious spa touch, as well as small things like scented candles, body wash, scented moisturiser and face masks. Better yet, get a nail specialist to come home to pamper her to a mani-pedi. You’ll get all the brownie points despite it costing less than half the price of a real spa day.

3. Don’t just bring a cooked meal; bring Mum a whole hamper of fun snacks

Everyone knows that new mums don’t have a lot of time to eat. But nursing mums need even more calories than pregnant mums, so spoil her with a basket of her favourite snacks that she can munch on when time is short. Include healthy things like lactation cookies, nuts, fruit, snack bars and of course, lots of chocolate.

4. Get them a foot massager

A deep-kneading Shiatsu foot massage is something that every new mom will love at the end of a long day with baby – and dad can take advantage of this thoughtful gift too.

Photo: Unsplash/@marslady

5. Don’t just take a family photo; gift them a new-born photo shoot

A family photo shoot is the perfect gift to get new parents to capture those first few fleeting moments. And there’s no shortage of baby photographers in town so take your time finding the best one you can.

6. Send them for high tea

Get grandma to watch over the baby for a few hours and send the new parents out to enjoy high tea by themselves for a few hours. It’ll do mum especially good to get out of the house for a little while and they’ll both go back home recharged to take of the new-born again.

7. Get them a white noise machine cum air purifier for quality sleep

Portable white noise machines that double up as air purifiers not only quietly filter out airborne odours and pollutants, but can also help baby sleep better with their soothing noises. Some machines are made especially for babies and offer lullabies too.