18/06/2024 2:09 AM


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7 Hairstyles For Brides With Natural Hair

Natural hairstyles have been evolving nonstop for the past decade, thanks to ongoing research and knowledge sharing with natural hair communities. This has also translated into finding ways to style Afro hair with new products and techniques for various events. 

Weddings are no different as the natural hairstyling options you have available to you are boundless and constantly updating to include new salon-quality styles. Each hairdo is created with natural hair texture, hair jewelry, and bridal gown neckline in mind. 

Therefore, here are seven hairstyles for brides with natural hair:

  1. Blowout Afro With Bangs  

The blowout Afro is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable natural hairstyles today with its constant presence on social media. It’s a contemporary take on the classic Afro first embraced decades ago at the start of the natural hair movement. The US has a long history of hair discrimination, and, thus, the Afro has become a symbol of fighting this oppression. 

As a hairstyle for your wedding, it’s the voluminous option to create a floaty and romantic silhouette. The bangs take the look further by bringing out your facial features. You can choose to have your blowout in tight twists or long straightened and loose.

As for your wedding hair accessories, the blowout Afro’s large surface area allows you to go for larger pieces. Due to this, you can opt for jeweled headbands placed at the crown of your head.

  1. Side Twisted Updo 

This cool updo is perfect for you if you’re a natural-haired bride who likes a bit of edge to your hairstyles. The side twisted updo can be achieved using just your hair or with some added hairpieces installed, such as clip-ins or a braid bundle pack, for extra length. 

If you’re going the braided route, your hair can be braided into cornrows from one side of your head, and end with twisted curls hanging from the other side. When using your own hair, instead of cornrows, you can have your hair twisted and fastened on the other side with beaded pins. The result would be a side swept style that compliments your face shape. 

  1. Loose Curled Low Bun 

The bun hairstyles you can create with natural hair are endless, and can be positioned at an area on your head. This loose curled low bun creates a more relaxed bridal look overall, but the hairstyle is still more spruced up than the messy bun. You can choose to have loose strands hanging on the sides of your face. 

Another option is to have all your hair slicked back and pulled into the bun. A clip-on piece can be used to create the bun, secured just above the nape of your neck. You can complete this look with a jeweled hair tie going around the bun or a flower clip meandering over your head.

  1. Twisted Pompadour 

The twisted pompadour is one of the most recognizable traditional natural styles. It was favored by women to wear on formal occasions to create a black beauty version of the old Hollywood-esque vintage glam hairstyles. Nowadays, its resurgence has been modernized into an elegant mohawk-ish style that’s perfect for a wedding. 

To create the look, you can have your hair swept up as it is, or braided up and secured into large twists at the top front section of your head. Inserting pins with white beads or flower accessories can finish it off as your chosen walk-down-the-aisle hairstyle.  

  1. Half Crown Braids 

For a simpler yet ethereal loose hairstyle, you can opt for freefalling beaded braids, with each strand curled to the ends. Then the half-crown can be braided across the back of your hair in the width of your choosing. If you really want to make a statement, you can braid in a doble half-crown, with the second braid underneath the first one. 

Keep the hair freefalling over your back, and slide in some individual pearl pins into the folds of some of your braids as your wedding hair accessories. Alternatively, you can slip in a flower comb above the half-crown as a single statement piece.

You can pair this natural hairstyle with a sweetheart neckline wedding dress for an ultra-feminine silhouette. 

  1. Curly Top Knot 

This is the perfect bridal hairstyle to choose if you want to frame your face by emphasizing your cheekbones and the shape of your eyes. You can pull off the curly top knot by using a gold hair cuff that’ll stand out magnificently against your natural black hair. 

The top knot should ideally be placed towards the back middle section of your head to let the loose curls cascade down your face. From here, you can choose to comb down some bangs over the front of your face to blend in with the hair coming down from the knot. Otherwise, you can keep the front of your face open and hair-free. You don’t have to wear an accessory in this style as the gold cuff already doubles as hair jewelry. 

  1. Finger Coils 

If you’re a big fan of texture and would like a hairstyle that mimics dreads, but isn’t permanent, you can try finger coils for your bridal hair. This is also an effortless and functional way to style up your hair and keep it short if you don’t want to use add-ons. 

The finger coils can be made large and loose, or tight and compact, depending on your preference. Another idea is to have them gelled so that they can stay shiny and defined. A flower crown or a face veil, also known as a blusher, can be used as an accessory. 

Final Thoughts

Natural hairstyles for weddings are as versatile and diverse as different natural hair textures themselves. You have the choice to go big and bold, or understated and lowkey, whether it’s an elegant updo, freefalling hair, or something in between. Moreover, each style can be adapted to suit your taste and curl pattern. Whatever you decide, you can be sure that your natural hair is transformed into a sophisticated style for your special day.