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7 New Brands Fashion Girls Are Pushing to the Brink of Fame

The fashion industry is constantly evolving. Between the seasonal trend cycles, rotating creative directors, and emerging new brands, there is always a lot to keep up with. Unless you’re hyper-passionate about the fashion industry, all of the above would feel impossible to keep tabs on. But lucky for you, it’s our job. Now when I say “our” I mean me and the handful of incredible fashion girls you’re about to hear from. Supporting up-and-coming designers, in particular, is something we love doing here at Who What Wear, which is why I reached out to the editors, influencers, and directors below to find out which new fashion brands are catching their eyes.

Below, you will hear some of the most talented women (most of whom I have the pleasure of calling my friends) spill the tea on the emerging brands they are loving right now. I encourage you to click into each of the highlighted brands ahead, peruse all their sartorially exciting products, and follow them on Instagram so we can further support them and propel their success together. And, by the way, if you weren’t in a shopping mood before, you certainly will be when you’re done reading this story.

Thebe Magugu

“I am really loving the work of South African designer Thebe Magugu, winner of 2019’s LVMH Prize. His collections are personal, elegant, and richly textured, and his inspiration draws from memories of his formative years in South Africa, bringing a sense of social observation to his work. Often collaborating with many of today’s most inspiring new creatives, such as Kristin-Lee Moolman and Ib Kamara, I find Magugu to be one of the most interesting emerging designers to watch.” — Celenie Seidel, senior womenswear editor, Farfetch

Shop the brand:

Thebe Magugu Cinched Waist Trench Coat ($2257)

Thebe Magugu Sulphur Blouse ($336)

Thebe Magugu Patterned Dungaree Shorts ($281)

The K Label

“I’m loving The K Label. The exclusive and premium fashion brand is a particular favorite amongst London’s coolest, need to know, culture, and empowerment-embracing individuals. I recently discovered that their pieces, even the sexiest of garments like the Dernier 44 Mesh dress, cater to curvy bodies like mine. No longer does the plus-size woman have to conform to unrelatable fabrics, fast-fashion brands, or seriously imagination-lacking garment options.” — Chloé Pierre, content creator and digital marketing consultant

Shop the brand:

The K Label Dernier44 Layered Mesh Midi in Bittersweet Chocolate ($130)

The K Label Kottons Stamped Plunge Sweatshirt in Matcha Green ($160)

The K Label Kache Raw Edge Rib Mini Skirt in Acid Black ($55)

Source Unknown

“Despite having only just launched in March (during a pandemic no less), Source Unknown is quickly becoming a go-to of mine for both stories and personal shopping. Similar to Pêche or the Frankie Shop, Source Unknown hits all the trends of the moment, whilst still keeping prices fairly low. In addition to trends, they also supply tons of wardrobe staples like great trousers, tanks, bags, and shoes (most of which are under $100). It’s really a no-brainer.” — Eliza Huber, fashion writer, Refinery29

“Source Unknown is the easiest way to help you make some wardrobe transitions. Their pieces are a perfect balance between minimal aesthetics with some trendier cuts you want to wear right now. Many of their styles are at an approachable price point, while their website has frequent new-product drops, so there’s always some fresh finds. At the same time, styles sell out fast, so don’t ponder too long on what’s in your cart; it might not be there the next day.” — Ryan Norville, influencer and florist

Shop the brand:

Source Unknown Lightweight Linen Shirt Jacket ($183)

Source Unknown Print Pleated Pants ($60)

Source Unknown Wrap Tie Silky Satin Blouse ($112)

Kristin Mallison

“I’ve always been obsessed with period dramas—the Keira Knightley Pride & Prejudice has been my favorite movie since high school—but over the last few months, I’ve fallen deeper down the hole. Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Princess Victoria, and Outlander have all become favorites of late. With all of this, I’ve had corsetry on my mind a lot, especially some of the beautiful, intricately designed pieces from modern brands like Kristin Mallison. Since I live my life in sweats these days, I think the structure and elegance feel like a wistfully appealing alternative.” — Aemilia Madden, senior fashion editor, The Zoe Report

Shop the brand:

Kristin Mallison Garden Tapestry Corset ($375)

Kristin Mallison Lamb Tapestry Corset ($375)


“I definitely think Siedrés is going to be big. It’s getting in early with all the Internet cool-girls (I myself couldn’t resist these pants), and it toes the line perfectly between laid-back and elevated, which is hard to do! The brand has a unique perspective that doesn’t look like any other brand on the market right now, and I think that will go a long way for their success. Some of Siedrés’ pieces are my favorites as of late, and I already can’t wait to see what else the brand comes up with.” — Alyssa Coscarelli, influencer and freelance writer

Shop the brand:

Siedrés Printed Cotton Pants ($212)

Siedrés Satin Shirt With Chain Detail ($224)

Siedrés Pleated Mini Dress With Chain Straps ($273)

Asata Maisé

“What first caught my eye about Asata Maisé’s pieces were the terry bucket hats. I really love the texture of terry, and this really encapsulates all of the aspects of terrycloth that I love right now. The prints are unique and special, and I love that everything is sustainably made. They’re all handcrafted, and it shows in the best way.” — Michelle Li, fashion and beauty editor, Teen Vogue

Shop the brand:

Asata Maisé Three Piece Corduroy Set ($300)

Asata Maisé Nautical Print Beach Set ($450)

Asata Maisé Patchwork Dress ($650)

Timeless Pearly

“We are thrilled to have recently launched Timeless Pearly on Shopbop! I love their use of mixed materials and bold colorways. Their vintage-inspired pieces are not only unique but bring so much joy to any outfit!” — Caroline Maguire, fashion director, Shopbop

Shop the brand:

Timeless Pearly Multi Heart Pendant Necklace ($330)

Timeless Pearly Blue Hoops ($305)

Timeless Pearly Tone Toned Chain Bracelet ($366)

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