8 Summer Shoe Trends That Are Everything

Summer is coming up and that means it is officially time to sharpen up your style. Quite a few summer fashion trends are floating about online, but these are a few that have caught our attention. If you are looking to up your shoe game this summer, try these new shoe trends:

Metallic Shoes

One of the shoe styles that are trending right now are high shine and metallic shoes. Any shoe with a tinge of metallic color or hue is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

All The Way Up

Dramatic heels are on the rise again. If you don’t mind extra height, and know how to hold your own in a pair of dramatic heels, then opt for a pair of super high heels.

Colorful Mules

Colorful mules are a staple element to include in your summer wardrobe if you are looking to inject some life into your outfit. Fun, vibrant-colored mules are an eclectic go-to this summer. Couple that with an immaculate pedicure and you can take over the world.

Platform Slides

Platform slides are in style right now, and we love the trend. The summer heat can be brutal, these shoes can help you stay in style and prevent the feet from oveerheating.

Colorful Birkenstocks

Birkenstock sandals have always been a casual shopping staple. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just a shoe for busy unfashionable moms. There are ways to dress this item for the ultimate summer casual chic look.

Slip Ons

Casual slip ons are an excellent style choice if you want to give your feet a break, but still look good. It is an excellent choice for summer trips to the hair salon.

Leather Sandals

Whether you want to do a lot of summer brunches with the girls this summer, or just hit the town for a great night out, a pair of leather sandals are an excellent fashion go-to. They are fashionable, versatile and edgy to pull any look together.

Strappy Heels

Strappy heels are another fun fashion staple to invest in for your summer wardrobe. They can be paired with short skirts, shorts, short shorts or T-shirt dresses. No matter what your vibe is, you can’t go wrong with strappy heels.