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A Guide To Art Deco Engagement Rings

Art Deco Engagement Rings: A Complete Guide | My Best Luxe

Art Deco rings are highly valued as they are high in demand in recent years. The Art Deco era started in 1915 to 1935 that showed a glimpse of hope for the future, with the increase in social freedoms and modern technology brought a glimpse of what the future may hold for us and is what also got us to where we are today. If you have found the partner of your dreams and you have decided that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, well, it’s time to start looking at engagement  rings. Some want them ultra new with modern sleek designs, but some prefer a more classic and vintage look, which is why an Art Deco engagement ring is a perfect choice. In this article, we will guide you on picking the perfect Art Deco engagement ring and what to look out for.

Art Deco Design

With the Art Deco era being part of the mechanical age, art deco jewelry is bold with geometric and symmetrical designs. Diamonds were straight cut to look central in the piece of jewellery, especially Art Deco engagement rings. Other jewells such as ruby’s, emeralds and sapphires were aslo used to accentuate the jewellery further. 

Travel and exposure to other cultures also had a huge part of Art Deco design. Bold patterns, symbols and colours were used from regions like Egypt, Africa, The Orient and Indian America. The metal was the least of concern when it came to the jewellery as Art Deco was all about the shapes of the diamonds and other jewells. 

Art Deco Engagement Rings

Jewellery was extremely intricate and the jewellers paid extremely close attention to detail, far more detail than you would see with modern jewellery. Art Deco engagement rings had milgrain embellishments and filigree work to the top. Just as much design thought went into the underside of the rings with engravings along the shanks which is a lost art with modern engagement rings.

Art Deco Engagement Ring Settings

Art Deco designs had a few favoured settings when it came to its vintage engagement rings which are still being used today on vintage emerald rings and other precious stones. Some of the settings include:

Box Settings: This setting provides a square look with four prongs wrapping around the diamond.

Halo setting: One of the boldest settings they did, but beautiful in design. The halo is a ring around the diamond with small gemstones around the main piece. This makes the diamond look much bigger than it actually is. 

Invisible Setting: This setting also allows a lot of sparkle as the setting is invisible as the gemstones sit side by side so that you don’t see the setting at all. 

Pave Setting: Pronounced “pa – vay” is a setting where the ring is ‘paved’ with diamonds. It has small prongs to hold small diamonds close together. The setting is still being used today and is very popular.

Channel Setting: The channel setting is different to the rest as the diamonds are hammered in place as there is a groove for the diamonds. This is commonly used with wedding bands still today. 

Things To Know Before Buying An Art Deco Engagement Ring

There are some key things to know before you purchase an Art Deco engagement ring as this could determine whether they are the best option for you. 

  • With Art Deco rings being engraved around the band, it is difficult to resize. 
  • Diamond have a duller look due to the basic cutting of the diamonds
  • Wear and tear will be visible due to age. It can be repaired but don’t settle as there are many with excellent condition. 
  • Art Deco diamonds have a much warmer colour than newer diamonds as this was acceptable in those days. This is due to the jewellery mostly being used at evening events.
  • Art Deco diamonds won’t come with a grading report usually. For this to be graded, the diamond would need to be removed from its original setting. 

Now you know some essential information about buying an Art Deco engagement ring for your loved one, you can make a more educated decision to whether they are the right choice. Good Luck!