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The Queen Of Beauty

A new nonbinary clothing line, represents a partnership between Mexican and American fashion designers

A sort of luck, and having a friend in common, sparked the creation of the Badass Bonita clothing line, a collection of 11 nonbinary pieces created by Californian entrepreneur and published author Kim Guerra in collaboration with Mexican designer Nacho Jota and that was recently presented in San Diego.

Flared skirts and open-sided pants, crop tops, and a dress with a tail are some collection items, created to empower and make anyone feel beautiful, according to Guerra.

“We immediately click”, said Nacho Jota, who runs his fashion brand and stylish showroom in Mexico City. Guerra visited his showroom after falling in love with a fashion piece created by Jota and worn by Gloria Lucas —creator of body-positive and eating disorders awareness organization nalgonapositivitypride.com.

On a phone conversation, Jota said he started his brand during the pandemic. He said that his collaboration with Guerra aims to create fashion for everyone and take bodies out of gender binaries. “It’s a very interesting collection, with diverse pieces, and exactly what we had in mind,” he said.

He also explained that this clothing line balanced Guerra’s style with his own touch. Jota, who is known as stylish of a Mexican queer TV personality, said his style is imprinted in the pieces’ volume and the fabrics’ textures. He said that both creators wanted to represent Mexican expression and identity, something that was clear on the items’ names: Adelita blouse, vestido Mexa, Mexa huipil, among others.

Jota said that nowadays, Mexico City is well known as a “gay capital” and he wanted to send that friendly message of openness to the LGBTQ+ Latin community in the United States.

Products of the brand Badass Bonita by Kim Guerra

Products of the brand Badass Bonita by Kim Guerra at a fashion show in Mujeres Brew at Barrio Logan, December 22, 2021, in San Diego, California.


While presenting the clothing line at a fashion show held last month in Barrio Logan, Guerra said that in the past five years her brand Brown, Badass, Bonita —now rebranded as Badass Bonita— has become a movement of self-love and love for many in the Latin community. She also said that this collaboration is creating a bridge between designers and the people from Mexico and the United States.

She said that Mexican models, artists, designers, and photographers collaborated with their talent creating the small-sized artisanal collection and that some pieces sold out almost immediately.

Guerra’s first published book, Mariposa (Spanish for butterfly), is somehow present in the collection, through a chiffon blouse with circular sleeves that simulate wings. Butterflies are also constantly presented in other items branded by Guerra.

When asked about that connection, Guerra said she has always found inspiration in butterflies. “Las mariposas no tienen fronteras. Butterflies don’t have borders, they use their wings, and they go where they need to be, where is best for them at that moment.

She also said that she identifies commonalities between the butterflies and the Latin/migrant community. “They travel in blocks, y that’s like a big part of what we do. We are very community-oriented, family-oriented, as Latine, as people, and I think that’s beautiful. I want to see us with wings, without borders, thriving.

“And like the mariposas, we are beauty wherever we go. And I also think we are like butterflies, we keep transforming y de una cosita así chiquita, de un gusano arrastrándose, we can give ourselves wings, and I think that is so powerful for us. To realize, que nos podemos dar alas a nosotras mismas, that we don’t have to stay stuck in the circumstances that maybe hold us down before”.

Kim Guerra

Kim Guerra talks of her recent collaboration with Mexican designer Nacho Jota at a fashion show in Mujeres Brew at Barrio Logan, December 22, 2021, in San Diego, California.