A Salad Can be Made Using Specific Cooking Tools and Ingredients

It’s sometimes possible to make a large dinner or lunch salad in only a few minutes. As long as people have the ingredients that they need, the actual salad will be ready quickly. 

New Tongs

Mixing salad ingredients without a working set of salad tongs actually can be harder than it looks. The different parts of a salad can be heavier than they seem. People who just try to mix all the salad vegetables together using a couple of spoons or forks might only partly succeed. Most of the salad bowl will be filled with lettuce. The rest of the vegetables and other ingredients will usually still be at the top of the bowl in the center. 

Some people might actually want to present the salad that way, so people will have the chance to get the exact vegetables that they want each time they refill their salad bowls. However, other individuals may want to distribute the different ingredients more evenly throughout the salad bowl, and salad tongs can help. 

Balanced Meals

Some individuals are now using spinach and similar dark leafy green vegetables in salad meals instead of lettuce. Even iceberg lettuce actually contains some nutrients.

A salad that was mainly made using lettuce would still be somewhat nutritious. However, people can immediately add vitamins and minerals to any salad by using at least some spinach or arugula in the meal or side dish. People also may not have to use as much salad dressing when they make salads using arugula or spinach leaves, even if they use lettuce as well. 

Spinach and lettuce both have very different textures. Lettuce leaves are often smoother and crunchier. The flavor of lettuce leaves can also be very mild, while rich leafy green vegetables have a flavor that’s easier to detect.