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All About 14-Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas

All About 14-Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas

Choosing an engagement ring can be challenging for men but as always diamond will always be part of an engagement ring. Engagement rings are symbols of how much a guy loves a girl and that he is ready to commit to being with her for the rest of his life. That’s why it is important to be able to choose the perfect engagement ring for their partner. In Dallas, several jewelry stores offer different types of engagement rings and one of these is the 14-Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring. 14-Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas is available in stores near you. 

Things to Know About  14-Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Why Yellow Gold?

The metal used on rings contributes to its durability and longevity, therefore choosing the right metal is relevant. Yellow gold is one of the choices recommended to match diamond rings, this metal consists of pure gold with alloy metal such as zinc and copper. You might wonder why they are mixed with portions of other metal? This is because pure gold can not be molded if not mixed with some alloy metals. Yellow gold is more popular than other gold, they never get outdated. 

Why 14-Carat?

14-carat will be just right to be used on diamond engagement rings. Compared with platinum and other metals 14-carat yellow gold is more affordable. 14-carat yellow gold is also easier to mold compared with 18k, therefore you can have it the way you want it. It is also available in almost all jewelry stores. Pick 14-carat yellow gold as your metal for your diamond engagement ring and you can save more for your diamond. 

How much is a 14-Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring?

This can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It depends on the size of the diamond and other factors such as its carats, design, and settings. It’s good to have a design or even a model and details on what your ring would look like. In that way, they can give you a quotation on how much it will cost so you can set your budget. It can also be the other way around: you can set your budget and your jeweler will be the one to customize your 14-Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring, whichever is convenient for you. 

What are the Advantages of the Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring?

  1. It is always on trend

The color alone will not get updated, fashion jewelry decades ago is made with yellow gold and this type of jewelry is still work until now. 

  1. It is hypoallergenic 

Some people are too sensitive that they can’t wear any jewelry without getting a rash. But for yellow gold, you won’t worry if it will match your partner’s skin because it is safe for any skin type. 

  1. The Color Stands Out

Engagement rings should stand out because they are worn to brag about tying the knot the soonest, therefore it should be catchy. Yellow gold is the most attractive color among all types of gold since it has the purest color of gold. Using it in your engagement ring can make the ring more stunning. 

  1. Can Match Any Skin Color

Sometimes skin color matching is hard when it comes to wearing jewelry. With your 14-Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring as a choice for your partner, you will never go wrong since it can match any skin tone. 

  1. Matches With Any Clothing

Just like skin tones, clothes and jewelry should fit well. When your partner wears the 14-Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring, it will surely fit any outfit she wears since yellow gold can match any color. 

Choose a 14-Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas and you will never regret it. Visit your jewelry store now and talk to them how you would want the design to look like. Since setting and stones are already chosen you just have to choose a design that fits your partner’s preference. Make it special by not pressuring yourself too much on choosing which metal setting and carat do you need to get for your engagement. Remember, the ring matters but the event is more important.