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Are You Thinking About Your Period Enough?

Good riddance to the days when sneaking a tampon to the bathroom was a covert mission. Today, periods are cool. In fact, you could say the whole monthly cramping-bleeding thing has been re-branded as the newest wellness trend, mindful menstruation: a potpourri of products, practices and learnings. That’s not to say that millennials and Gen Z don’t moan with cramps or have issues with hormonal surges—that’s a legacy for the ages—but it means they are paying more attention to everything about their monthly cycle. Maybe it’s dealing with menstrual flow in a way that’s kinder to the environment. Or eating for maximum health during each phase of their cycle. Or just shopping the cutest period panties. Here are some of the most interesting elements of mindful menstruation, and where to learn more about them.

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1. Seed Cycling

Does bloating, cramping and feeling generally blah during that PMS week before your period starts really cramp your style? It need not, according to Alisa Vitti, holistic health coach and author of WomanCode, who says that by using a hormone-balancing technique of diet and lifestyle modification called seed cycling, you can reduce pain and bloating.

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2. Cups > Tampons

Menstrual cups are reusable (i.e. not a massive landfill candidate) and with a one-time fee instead of a recurring expense, affordable. Sales are brisk, cutting into the market of disposable menstrual hygiene products. And other than an initial and potentially messy barrier to entry (Pro tip: Insert and remove in the shower), this is a win-win for women and the environment.

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3. Moon Rituals

Toward the woo-woo end of the mindful menstruation spectrum, moon-based rituals such as meditation, cleansing baths and women’s circles are appearing on TikTok. The takeaway is that, since the moon’s phases follow a monthly pattern, as does the menstrual cycle, the two are linked. While scientific studies show conflicting data actually confirming this, it’s a perception that’s been bandied about since Aristotle wrote about it in 4 B.C. And now, it’s on TikTok!

4. Period Underwear

Along with menstrual cups, period underwear are emerging as newly popular methods of menstrual hygiene. These washable underpants come in cute styles (high-waisted, bikini, sleep shorts) that use layers of especially absorbent fabric to absorb up to eight hours’ worth of a heavy flow day.

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5. Period Equity

Organizations such as No More Secrets MBS seek to decrease menstrual health disparities in underserved communities by distributing menstrual cups and supplies. Further, Period Equity is a group of attorneys challenging the so-called “period tax,” the sales tax on tampons, pads and menstrual supplies as non-essential items. It’s enough to make an ad agency highlight the point by launching “Loopholes,” a fake cereal brand that contains period products in every box.

6. More Scientific Study About Periods

After anecdotal reports from women who said they experienced erratic menstrual cycles after they were inoculated against COVID, a published study of nearly 4,000 U.S. women revealed period irregularities, believed to be transient. While drug side effects are not great, we applaud menstrual health dialogue being acknowledged as worthy of prioritized research in today’s major health questions.

7. Period Coaching

Have questions about your period that you want to talk to a real, live human about (but that don’t warrant a trip to your doctor)? How about enlisting a period coach? Professionals like L.A.-based Erica Chidi Cohen, a doula and founder of the Loom wellness center, answers questions about how you can biohack your period, find the best hygiene products and not least, answer a million little questions about menses. Follow @loomhq for so much new information.

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