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As masks start to come off, Houston med spa offers new facial treatments

Now that the mask mandate is up in Texas and more people are heading back to work, many people are looking under their mask for the first time in a year and seeing signs of aging.

A local medical spa has been busy helping bring back a more youthful appearance.

Jennifer Langeland is a professional in Houston who is working on keeping a youthful look, but she feels like the pandemic has set her back a bit. That’s why she headed to Renew Body Contouring and Medical Spa in Houston for a little help.

“I realized that after COVID, wearing the mask and just what it was doing to my skin. It was aging me, and I was asking about what I could do. I’m an athlete, so I metabolize things very quickly, so fillers are not truly an option for me,” says Jennifer.

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She opted for a treatment using her own blood.

“This procedure, using stem cells and my plasma blood, which was exosomes,” states Jennifer.

The owner of Renew Body Contouring and Medical Spa, Katina Kearns, talks about how she’s witnessing exosomes restoring her client’s faces. They’re injected into the face.

“We use it for more of a really intense tissue development, so it helps to build more collagen,” explains Katina.

That collagen is what makes your skin strong and elastic, but when it degrades, here come the wrinkles.

“So it helps to really build more collagen, more tissue. It helps to go in and activate and wake up your cells and to produce more collagen, more elastin, more fibroblasts to really get your body boosted,” says Katina.

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Renew shared before and after photos with us to show how quickly the results take place, within a week.  

Katina explained to us that the XO live Exosome facial is injected into the upper dermis and stamped into the skin with 25,000 growth factors and stem cells.  It’s supposed to work best with aging or sun damaged skin and for someone looking for volume and regeneration. Clinical studies show it also helps acne scars and rejuvenates tone, texture, and hyperpigmentation, deep lines and wrinkles.

Jennifer is more than happy to turn back the hands of time.

“I mean, turning in your 50’s, vanity becomes a part of your mirror look and you just want that youthful glow. That’s what I was looking for, basically that youthful glow, and that’s what I see that this procedure does at Renew,” exclaims Jennifer.

Patients say the procedure is quick and bearable.

“I’m not a great needle person, but it was not really painful. And of course there at Renew, they make it very comfortable for you. They put some numbing cream, they hold your hand. They tap your shoulder, and it was over within minutes,” says Jennifer.  

Katina says they’re treating other problems caused by masks, as well.

“We’ve treated people who have just had clogged pores that are suffering from the ‘maskne’ issues, to now trying to figure out how can they rejuvenate their skin and get their youth back. Some people even have acne scarring. That’s taking place because it got very cystic because a lot of times, you’ve got so much bacteria on these masks. We’re taking them off or putting them on and we’re coming in and out of different locations and sadly, it’s clogging pores and drying out our skin,” explains Katina.

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She says they’re offering everything from chemical peels to micro-needling to exfoliate the skin for a fresher look to shed the dead cells.

“You can even do something like an acne salicylic spray. A lot of people are still going to continue wearing masks and you can spray them inside your mask to help kill some of that bacteria, so if you’re going to continue to wear your mask, at least you have a fresh clean mask, no matter how many times you put it on, and it’s a little bit safer for your skin,” says Katina.

Jennifer sure is pleased with her fresh new results.

“From the beginning, it was amazing. I saw a glow back to my skin. I saw youthfulness that I was missing, and just very, very happy,” says a smiling Jennifer.

Renew is offering a special of buy one get one free treatment this week.

For more information, https://renewbodycontouring.com