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25 easy morning routines to start your day off right

25 easy morning routines to start your day off right

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New Year, New Ew! New Self-Care Trends Range From Snails to Singing Bowls


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For decades, the “new year, new you” mantra has been employed by marketing mavens to push new diets, new skills, new attitudes and, above all, new services and products that you can buy. But this January, after ten months in lockup, people are more eager than ever to try out new trends in hopes of transformation…or at least a break from the same old boring routine.

Salons, spas, aestheticians and fitness trainers will tell you that no matter how they’re labeled by the government, their services have been very essential through the pandemic — so much so that the self-care segment saw a big surge in sales over the past year.

“Our spa and product lines had a 20 percent growth in 2020, and that’s even with the hiatus in

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How to Wax Eyebrows and Shape Your Brows at Home in 2021

Listen, I love a good beauty do-it-yourself treatment as much as the next person, and a year of being forced to do it myself means I actually prefer to do my own at-home pedicures and DIY facial treatments. But the one thing I still need to get comfy with? Facial waxing. As simple as it seems (you just put some wax on and rip it off, right?), a lot can actually go very, very wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So to find out the right way to wax stray brow hairs at home, I hit up Marta Grochowska-Camkiran, an aesthetician at Haven Spa in NYC and an expert in facial hair removal. But before I go on to share everything I learned, there’s one little disclaimer: You’ll want to reconsider waxing altogether if you use Accutane or retinol, since they can temporarily thin your

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5 Non-Boring Outfits Inspired by Popular Home Decor Pieces

Let your interiors help you get dressed.

It’s a normal part of getting dressed during a pandemic: the loungewear slump. You’re face-to-face with a closet full of clothes and yet you don’t feel motivated or inspired to put together an outfit.

In pre-Covid times, we had the luxury of pinning the sartorial triumphs we saw on the streets or out at a restaurant to our mental moodboards. We could just as easily take inspiration from artwork covering the side of a building or the architectural details of the building itself. But in lockdown, we’ve had to turn our graze inward to our humble abodes.

Making peace with the monotony of working from home has not been easy, but our collective desire to be anywhere but our bedrooms has brought a newfound appreciation for great interior design. Influencers who once made Instagram Story Highlights from international fashion weeks now regularly

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Thursday January 28, 2021