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What is the appearance of your bathroom cabinet? Is the selection of products really as good as it should be? I think we all could benefit from a little shake-up in the bathroom cabinets.

Brands like Byredo Blanche help people. This product design has a clean, elegant look and a unique, bold logo – what its founder Ben Gorham refers to as “happy typography” – is one of the chicest beauty products ever created. From Diptyque’s newly designed cracked glass eau de parfum bottles to Glossier’s Balm Dotcom, there are countless beauty brands offering chic bathroom cabinet products.

Byredo products aren’t just attractive because of their brilliant exteriors. Brands like Mister Marvellous and Gypsy Water are renowned for their perfume names, but M/M (Paris) and Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin are well-known for their photographs, as well. Since 2006, Byredo has created 22 perfumes in addition to body care, home fragrances, and leather accessories.

A native Swede who was born to an Indian mother and a Canadian father, Ben Gorham founded the Stockholm-based brand. As a professional basketball player, he then enrolled in art school, where he met Swedish perfumer Pierre Wulff, who introduced him to the world of fragrance. His fascination with scent is largely due to its link to memory.

Byredo’s latest fragrance, Rose of No Man’s Land, pays tribute to the nurses who saved thousands of lives on the front lines of World War I. The perfume, which opens with notes of Turkish rose petals and pink peppercorn, works like a soothing balm. As with every Byredo product, there are layers of collaboration – from Olivia Giacobetti and Jerôme Epinettes noses to the campaign with model Freja Beha Erichsen and photographer Craig McDean. 

Byredo is currently celebrating a newly designed counter in the Beauty Hall at Liberty, following the launch of its flagship store in New York’s Wooster Street. With terrazzo clad walls and fixtures, as well as polished aluminum shelves, display trays, and counters, the space captures the brand’s exacting design principles. If you were looking for bathroom inspiration, this is it.

For a fragrance to develop, how long does it take?

Perfumes really differ from one another. Putting together a brief requires a very long, undefined period of time. Usually it’s just me traveling around and meeting people and taking notes – the perfumer never sees that. I then present this brief to the perfumer.” 

What exactly is a perfume brief?

I have a hard time writing, but sometimes it is necessary. There are times when it’s a collage or when it’s imagery. There are also times when it’s objects. It’s always something. It was once a camel leather bottle I brought. I don’t know how to describe it. There’s always a dialogue regarding the brief, however. A perfumer’s job is really to capture the emotion behind something.” 

When is the best time for your brain to work?

“Definitely while I’m traveling. I struggle to sit in my studio and do ‘creative work’. In addition to using my phone, I also keep a small journal. Whenever I’m in the studio, I gather the notes and see how they connect.” 

What would be your favourite Byredo?

Each of them is like a child. A baby is like leather because it is so cute. In addition, I enjoy jumping between babies. I’m much better at doing different things – it matches my personality. Having a singular vision that ties everything together is just as important.”

Byredo’s new scent, Rose of No Man’s Land, is available at Liberty for a month-long preview (£88 for 50ml, £130 for 100ml).