Tokyo Olympics: How Heat Takes Brutal Toll on Athletes

Australian kayaker Jo Brigden-Jones knew the heat at the Tokyo Summer Olympics would be intense. She prepared for the weather during training by biking in a heat chamber and sitting in a hot spa. But, the weather still took some getting used to, not least because it’s winter back home in the northeast Australian state of Queensland.

“The first couple of days, it felt like I broke into a sweat whenever I stepped outside,” she says. “And with the face masks, it’s a bit suffocating to breathe.”

Many Olympic athletes tried to prepare for the Japanese host city’s scorching summer. The Australian Institute of Sport, for instance, launched the Tokyo Heat Project to help Australian athletes prepare for the conditions in Tokyo. But the extreme weather is still taking a toll, creating potentially dangerous conditions at times as athletes push themselves to the limit in the quest for Olympic

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If You’re Not a Morning Person, This Awakening Face and Body Scrub Can Help

body cream

body cream

As much as we’d all like to be ‘morning people,’ that’s simply not the case. For many, waking up in the morning and being productive right away is actually really hard to do. In fact, sometimes it just feels impossible. Rather than being hard on yourself for not nailing down a solid morning routine yet, try a simple solution to help you feel somewhat energized once you open your eyes in the a.m.—a scrub. Amazon shoppers are big fans of the Make Me a Morning Person scrub by Mojo Spa, and this handmade face and body scrub really lives up to its name, as it’s formulated to help make mornings a lot less of a drag.

For those of you who are fans of essential oils, this scrub is definitely for you. It has a refreshing aroma thanks to peppermint, rosemary, and lavender oils that are infused

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Botox users getting younger after a year of Zoom meetings, doctors say

As cities around the world start to reopen after COVID-19 lockdowns, the effects of the pandemic are starting to show on people’s faces.

Experts in cosmetic medicine say they have begun to notice an uptick in Botox treatments among younger generations. They say people, particularly women, in their early 20s — aged from the pandemic and wearing less makeup than before — spent so much time looking at themselves during Zoom meetings that they started to notice their “imperfections,” and for the first time, turned to Botox and fillers.

“I would say that my average age of patients shifted down considerably this year, and it’s now early 20s,” Skinly Aesthetics founder Dr. Dmitriy Schwarzburg said. “And they’re coming not just for Botox, but for all kinds of procedures that they would otherwise consider at a much later point in their lives.”

Amy Shecter, the CEO of Ever/Body said, “The

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Atlanta spa shooting suspect: Robert Aaron Long arraignment set

Robert Aaron Long is charged with multiple counts of murder following the shootings that took place at three spas in two jurisdictions – Atlanta and Cherokee County.

ATLANTA — The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office confirmed they have been notified that the Cherokee County case regarding the metro Atlanta spa shooting spree suspect is expected to be resolved at an arraignment hearing scheduled for next week.

Robert Aaron Long is facing several counts of murder for the shootings that took place at three spas in two jurisdictions – Atlanta and Cherokee County. Eight people died in the shooting spree. 

When 11Alive reached out for comment, a spokeswoman for Cherokee County District Attorney Shannon Wallace confirmed the arraignment hearing is scheduled next week for Long, but added “District Attorney Shannon Wallace is ethically prohibited from discussing any type of plea negotiation.”

Long faces four counts of felony murder in Fulton County,

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