Customs and Border Protection warns about Counterfeit Goods and Services | Call 4 Action

NASHVILLE, TN.- The business of selling fake goods did not slow down during the pandemic, as people are relying more than ever on online shopping. The US Customs and Border Protection wants to inform consumers to be mindful of counterfeit goods and services.

“Just since the pandemic began. CBP has seized over 20 million counterfeit masks,” Brandon Lord, Acting Executive Director for Trades Policy with US Customs and Border Protection said.

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are also a huge concern for them.

“It’s difficult for the American consumer to look at a pill or look at another pharmaceutical product, and quickly identify that it’s counterfeit,” Lord said.

From October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020, the top 5 categories of goods CBP seized by total number of shipments were:

1. Handbags and Wallets (17% of total shipments seized)

2. Wearing Apparel and Accessories (14%)

3. Footwear (13%)

4. Watches and Jewelry (13%)

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Escalating Mideast violence bears hallmarks of 2014 Gaza war

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Rockets streamed out of Gaza and Israel pounded the territory with airstrikes early Wednesday as the most severe outbreak of violence since the 2014 war took on many hallmarks of that devastating 50-day conflict, with no endgame in sight.

Gaza’s Hamas rulers and other militant groups have fired barrages of hundreds of rockets that at times have overwhelmed Israel’s missile defenses, causing air raid sirens and explosions to echo across Tel Aviv, Israel’s biggest metropolitan area, and other cities.

Israeli airstrikes have leveled two apartment towers in the Gaza Strip, where 2 million Palestinians have lived under a crippling Israeli-Egyptian blockade since Hamas took power in 2007. Warning shots have allowed civilians to evacuate the buildings, but the material losses will be immense. Israel faced heavy criticism over the tactic during the 2014 war.

Just after daybreak Wednesday, Israel unleashed dozens of airstrikes in

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Cable cord cutting threatens public access TV and MRVTV

Cable television subscriptions are declining and it’s jeopardizing Mad River Valley Television (MRVTV), The Valley’s public access television station. According to a new Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults, the share of Americans who watch television via cable or satellite has plunged from 76% in 2015 to 56% in 2021. In The Valley, MRVTV board members have noticed a 7% yearly reduction in cable income over the past two years due to cord cutting. If this trend continues, MRVTV will likely be out of business within the next four years.

“People are cord cutting. They’re dropping cable and choosing to pay for streaming services,” said Rob Perry, executive director of MRVTV. While MRVTV derives some income from donations and sponsors, the majority of MRVTV income comes from a cable grant that supports public, educational and governmental (PEG) access channels.


Efficiency Vermont


MRVTV receives 5% of Waitsfield

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The worst things you can do when shopping for plants, according to plant shop owners

LOS ANGELES — Shopping for houseplants now can be like playing the lottery: There’s no guarantee you will be rewarded with the jackpot. As houseplant sales have skyrocketed and more plant stores have opened, the demand for plants has become increasingly competitive for small businesses.

“I love that there are so many people who love plants,” said Potted co-owner Annette Gutierrez. “But the demand is astronomical right now, and there isn’t enough supply.” She added that the Suez Canal blockage resulted in a shortage of garden supplies.

As more people get vaccinated and return to shopping in person, expectations might not always match reality, particularly when demand is high and supply is low. Another thing retailers say is in short supply? Good manners.

The majority of customers are lovely, shop owners say, but some customers might not realize how hard they make it for shop owners to do their jobs

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