23/02/2024 12:33 PM


The Queen Of Beauty

Cheat your way to a beach body at 50

Individuals of us without having the advantage of an military of personal trainers and nutritionists tried some clever spin and rebranded our sad, pale, corpulent Dad Bod ­physiques. But who were we ­kidding when healthy 50-somethings including George Clooney, Gary Lineker and Paul Rudd proved that age is no longer an excuse?

So in this article we are, mid-heatwave, getting ready for the beaches and swimming pools, swimwear at the ready, beset by anxiety because it’s time to get a beach entire body, a daunting activity at any time of lifestyle, but in particular terrifying for the around-50s.

At least which is how I felt when my spouse educated me she’d booked a holiday getaway to Croatia that still left me with just a handful of quick months to get myself in order. I was luckier than some. I’m a regular health and fitness center goer and preserve myself in condition but, like quite a few more mature adult males, I arrive undone when ­confronted with genuine ale and chocolate hobnobs. Regrettably, no subject how lots of miles you place in, you just can’t outrun a undesirable diet plan. But, with some clever hacks and cheats, can you temporarily outwit it? It was at this place that I resolved to give it a go. Deal with, overall body, the operates. Bring it on…

The unwanted fat zapper

So right here I am at Vive Conditioning in the heart of central London trussed up in rubber, utilizing a place-age work out system named Miha Bodytec Complete Human body ­Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), marketed as a “highly productive and time-economical schooling method for expanding muscle mass toughness and mass though simultan­eously cutting down physique fat”.

The cosy EMS vest is dotted with electrode pads that in good shape about the most important muscle mass teams in the upper body, abdomen, upper and decreased back again members also don electrode-outfitted straps about the glutes (buttocks), thighs and upper arms.

The complete method is connected with wires that are fed currents from the control console through the electr­ical umbilical cord, and just about every electrode provides pulsed electrical stimulation to the muscular tissues it is pressed from, creating them to contract.

The much better the electrical impulse, the more difficult the muscle functions. The total factor is controlled by a personal trainer, who guides the participant by way of a a person-to-a person established of workout routines, controlling the depth of the contractions to cater for means.

The end result is a shorter, extreme, focused muscle mass training, devoid of any strain on joints or tendons. For this explanation, the process is a very good choice for older people today and anybody carrying ­non-muscle mass injuries. In Germany, the place it was produced, there are much more than 2,000 EMS studios.

Fraser Smith, Vive Exercise co-founder and chief working officer, is my personal trainer for the session. He explains the positive aspects for individuals who want to get match but have not got the time or inclination to hit the gymnasium just about every day.