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Comfort for Every Type of Body

Comfort for Every Type of Body

Let’s talk about underwear: everyone wears it on a daily basis. After some experimenting with different cuts and styles, everyone has their favorite underwear shape. And not all underwear is made alike; there are many different factors differentiating quality undergarments from cheap ones, like comfort, material, cut, manufacturer, etc. In order to excel each day, you need to be wearing underwear that lets you move and breathe; your undergarments should never cause you to stop what you’re doing out of discomfort.  When you’re looking for quality pieces of underwear, another important element to consider is finding a brand that has comfortable underwear styles that work for every body shape. 

Which Brand Is Best When It Comes to Underwear?

A brand that we love for their comfortable underwear that fits the full range of body types and shapes is TomboyX. They have activewear clothing, swimwear, and undergarments, but we’re specifically going to highlight the best features about their underwear selections. Here are a few reasons we choose this brand as a top pick for finding quality underwear.

Made With Soft Materials

Their undergarments are well made with a quality blend of 95 percent OEKO-TEX Certified cotton and five percent spandex. This results in soft, stretchy, and cozy undergarments. Plus, this fabric blend requires no fancy washing process—you can clean them in the washing machine on cold rinse and the dryer on low tumble setting.

The Height of Comfort

They also place comfort at the forefront of their products with intentional design choices. For example, the waistbands on each of their pairs of underwear was created to lay flat against the body rather than folding or sliding. It was also specifically made to prevent that uncomfortable pinching feeling of a waistband digging into your skin. Also, the underwear’s seams are all flat locked to prevent chafing or wedgies. 

For All Bodies and Sizes 

When it comes to versatile undergarments for the full range of people, TomboyX has it covered. Their underwear comes in a variety of fits including gender neutral shapes. These different cuts and styles include bikini, hipster, iconic briefs, boy shorts, 4.5 inch trunks, six inch fly boxer briefs, six inch fly packing boxer, nine inch boxer briefs, boy shorts (including high rise and stand to pee versions), and their leakproof options in all shapes. You can rest  assured that the brand truly is for all bodies and their needs because of the way they’ve tested their undergarments on sizes 3XS to 6X. With such a diverse wearability, you know the products will work for you too. Keep reading to see some of our favorite picks of these styles further down.

A Wide Selection of Colors, Patterns, and Prints

More than just providing comfort, there is also something special about underwear in fun patterns, prints, and colors that you like. When you’re looking for long-lasting pieces that you will want to wear again and again, selecting a mixture of your favorite prints and styles guarantees you’ll feel great about your undergarments. TomboyX also offers an extensive range of prints and patterns, ranging from their globetrotter collection to their seascape collection to their twist the rainbow collection. 

Top Underwear Picks for Every Body Type

This pair of 4.5” Trunks in Dinosaur Print is fun and just a tad wild with bright pops of color. TomboyX created their 4.5 inch trunks to be gender neutral options, so the only requirement for this pair to be right for you is that you like dinosaur print.

Comfort for Every Type of Body

This pair of First Line Leakproof Hipster in Plum Rainbow is one of the items in TomboyX’s leakproof collection. This pair and the others like it in the collection are odor repellent and antibacterial, offering complete defense against leaks (up to eight teaspoons worth). The hipster shape sits comfortably on the hips and provides full coverage in the back.

This pair of 9” Boxer Briefs in Awesome Blossom was specifically designed with the length in mind to prevent thigh chafing. You can wear them as boxers under your bottoms of choice or as standalone shorts. The floral pattern is perfect for those warmer months ahead, but will also bring a hint of springtime to your winter.


There is arguably nothing more important than comfortable and high quality underwear when it comes to supporting your daily plans. You want to slip on cozy undergarments that will allow you to move and breathe during both your important and your mundane moments. We choose TomboyX as a top brand to buy your underwear from because their pairs are made from quality materials, comfortable, available for everyone, and come in a broad assortment of designs. Next time you decide to revamp your underwear collection (and we hope it’s today), consider TomboyX as your undergarment supplier.