23/05/2024 6:14 PM


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Comfort Zone Hydramemory Serum Saved My Wind-Chapped Skin

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By day, I’m a commerce writer that wades through the torrents of beauty and wellness trends for the best of the best in product. By night, (or by my time off, I should say) I’m a thalassophile who can be found on, or near, the water. My partner is a professional fishing guide and between fishing trips, beach days, and offshore adventures, the bulk of my spare time—including the entire last month—is spent on a boat.

Where am I going with this? A lot happens to your body when you’re on saltwater for that long. Your hair gets tangled and swollen with coastal fog. Your muscles get a perpetual workout from trying to stay balanced in the rocking swell. But your skin? My god…your skin gets brutalized. Between the sun, the salt, and the wind, your face will start to feel like a Himalayan salt lamp, minus the rosy glow.

Thankfully, I had a product handy that revived my dreary dermis from my battles at sea. Comfort Zone’s dreamy Hydramemory Serum ($68) has been nothing short of a skin savior these past few weeks, giving my parched face a long-lasting burst of hydration in a pinch.


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If you haven’t heard of Comfort Zone, the skin care brand is nothing to sleep on. It’s the skin care sister to Davines, a leader in sustainable hair care that started in salons before expanding into DTC. Comfort Zone followed suit, starting in spas before being offered in retailers like Nordstrom and Skinstore. Like Davines, all Comfort Zone products are formulated with ingredients that  “respect the skin and the planet.” They’re clean and science-backed, infused with natural-origin botanicals that are as good for our bodies as they are Mother Earth.

Decadent face oils, rejuvenating masks, luscious body creams—whatever you’re looking for, Comfort Zones has it. But trust me—if you’re looking for some serious hydration going into these cold winter months, look no further than the Hydramemory Serum. It’s a game-changer, especially when your skin is extra dry and thirsty.

Take one look at its ingredient list and you’ll know why it worked so well on my sea-torn skin. First, there’s sodium hyaluronate, a derivative of hyaluronic acid that’s found naturally in human tissue. Combined with ingredients like squalane (a humectant), watermelon fruit extract (to support regeneration), and sustainable palm oil (for added moisture), and this serum is must-have for landlubbers and ocean dwellers alike.

Magical moisturizing powers aside, it’s lightweight and really nourishing. I had some days off the water where my skin was red and wind-chapped, literally sore to the touch. A swipe of this serum soothed the redness and added hydration in all the right places. Or, the days where I got a little too much sun (it happens, even with SPF) a layer of this stuff was a welcomed treat.

Chances are, you aren’t spending a month on a boat anytime soon (if you are, lucky you!) Whether you’re fairing the seas or not, a bottle of Comfort Zone Hydramemory Serum is a good bet. Especially as winter rolls around and dry-skin season sneaks up on us, having some instant hydration is never a bad idea. If it saved my salty, wind-chapped skin, Lord knows it can work wonders for you, too.

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