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Mercury-free and mercury-safe dental treatments are available at Greenbelt Dental Health. Our Dentist Austin TX, offers a wide range of services to patients, and he or she understands how important it is to avoid materials which are harmful to the patient’s overall health and wellbeing. We offer a wide range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dental solutions to address common concerns within the smile using the latest technology and highest standards in dentistry.


Amalgam has been used by dentists for decades to address tooth decay. In the mouths of many patients, there are various amalgam fillings. Approximately 50 percent of amalgam fillings contain mercury. Humans can be poisoned by mercury. Mercury vapors are released when mercury fillings are heated while chewing or drinking hot beverages. Mercury vapors can enter the body and lead to a number of health problems. Europe has actually banned the use of amalgam fillings in children, breastfeeding mothers, and pregnant women. As of July 2018, this rule began reducing the use of controversial materials in smiles. Our practice has never used dental amalgam for fillings since studies continue to show the dangers of this material, so we use composites instead, which are more aesthetic and healthier. Moreover, we perform mercury-safe filling removal and replacement in our office.


Dentistry that is mercury-safe is:

  • Silver amalgam fillings are safer than practices that use them
  • Patient-friendly
  • Improved aesthetics within the smile
  • Eliminating mercury toxicity is one important way to prevent it
  • Our team of professionals is readily available to assist you with your needs with Dr. Christopher Naranjo


Patients who have amalgam fillings in their smiles may wish to have them removed for safety reasons as well as because of their unsightly appearance. Our team follows the strict protocols set forth by the IAOMT to ensure that all removal and replacement procedures are performed safely and effectively. The material we use is called composite resin. We also use this material to repair chipped and broken teeth. Gaps between the teeth can be concealed with this material as well. It is durable, strong, and looks natural. It looks just like natural tooth enamel when placed as a filling and properly filed and polished, and can be hardly distinguished from the tooth structure. The composite resin is safe and aesthetic in addition to not expanding and contracting like amalgam fillings do, reducing the chance that bacteria will enter a tooth canal and cause infection or disease. Patients should consider alternative solutions to amalgam fillings for this reason.


The practice of Dr. Christopher Naranjo welcomes patients who are interested in removing amalgam fillings and replacing them with composite resin fillings so they can learn more about the advantages of this treatment. With biocompatibility and aesthetics in mind, we provide patients with solutions that are safe and effective. As a dentist, we advise our patients to learn about the dangers of amalgam fillings and to seek out alternatives that are healthier for their smiles and bodies. Our office can schedule consultation appointments, during which patients can receive a full evaluation of their amalgam fillings and ask any questions they have.


Greenbelt Dental Health’s team of professionals are available to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile for life. Dr. Christopher Naranjo is one of them. Our practice is conveniently located at 1301 West 25th Street, Suite 402, so you can schedule an appointment there if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of biocompatible dentistry and addressing mercury materials. We are ready to assist new patients and can be reached at (512) 472-3565.